Gina Rodriguez Plays A Badass Hero In ‘Deepwater Horizon’

Credit: Lionsgate Movies / YouTube

“I will see them again, you understand me?!”

Lionsgate just released the first trailer for the upcoming motion picture “Deepwater Horizon,” and it looks pretty intense. If you like disaster and action movies based on true stories, this movie is going to be perfect for you. Mark Wahlberg and Gina Rodriguez star in a film that tells the story of the crew and families affected by the disastrous (and preventable) oil spill that led to the deaths of 11 men in April 2010. The pulse-pounding trailer gives you a glimpse of a disaster that all but destroyed the Gulf of Mexico and crippled local businesses that relied on the Gulf.

Gina Rodriguez portrays Andrea Fleytas, the 23-year-old employee who sent out the only distress signal to the Coast Guard.

Credit: @hereisgina / Instagram

IRL, Fleytas was on the rig when the explosions crippled the rig and noticed that not one distress signal had been issued. The young woman got on the radio and sent the only distress signal. “Mayday. Mayday. This is Deepwater Horizon. We have an uncontrollable fire,” Fleytas said, according to Wall Street Journal. She was then REPRIMANDED by a superior for making the call. Yes, reprimanded. ?

“Deepwater Horizon” is in theaters this fall.

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