If You Thought Gerardo Ortiz Singing Bachata Would Sound Bad, You’re Wrong

Credit: PrinceRoyceVEVO / YouTube

“Yo creo que esta encerrado.”

The music video for “Moneda,” the Prince Royce duet with regional Mexican singer Gerardo Ortiz, features a love story between a Dominican and a Mexican. No, not Royce and Ortiz. Actor Jacob Vargas (“Luke Cage,” “Sons Of Anarchy”) plays the role of Francisco, Royce’s and Ortiz’s fictional manager. Francisco, described by Ortiz as a “crazy Mexican,” is in a relationship with Isabel, a woman described by Royce as a “crazy Dominican.” Sounds like they were made for each other. Unfortunately for Royce and Ortiz, their manager is M.I.A. after an argument with Isabel. What will bring them together? Take a wild guess. A bigger surprise than the ending is Ortiz’s vocals, which fit seamlessly with the slinky guitars of Royce’s urban bachata.

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