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These Immigrant Parents Worked Their Asses Off in the US and Now Two of their Kids Are in Ivy League Schools

Meet Edgar and Cesar García.

Edgar Cesar Garcia 2
Photo Credit: Edgar García

They were born in Michoacan, Mexico.

Their parents, Juan and Patricia García, immigrated from Uruapan, Michoacán, México to the U.S. when Edgar and Cesar were kids.

Edgar Cesar Garcia 3
Photo Credit: Edgar García

Edgar was 9 years old. Cesar was only 6 years old.

The García family settled in Watsonville, California, a working class city in Northern California.

Edgar Cesar Garcia
Photo Credit: Edgar García

Edgar and Cesar’s parents found jobs at Dole – Juan as a forklift driver and Patricia as a box maker.

Fast-forward … In 2012, Edgar graduated as the valedictorian of Watsonville High.

Edgar Cesar Garcia
Photo Credit: Edgar García

That’s him running for Watsonville High’s cross country team.

Last year, Cesar – who skipped first grade, btw – graduated from Ceiba College Preparatory Academy.

Edgar Cesar Garcia
Photo Credit: Edgar García

Edgar told mitú that his parents’ work ethic inspired him and his siblings to work hard.

Edgar Cesar Garcia
Photo Credit: Edgar García

“Their hard work and dedication showed as they worked long hours during our weekends and summers. This was hard for me growing up because they were always working and all I wanted to do was spend time with them. As I grow older, I have learned to value what they have done for my brothers and me. It makes me value their sacrifices and I realize that everything they do is for us.”

It paid off: Edgar was accepted to Brown University. Yep, IVY LEAGUE.

Edgar Cesar Garcia
Photo Credit: Edgar García

He’s studying biology and hopes to become a doctor. His chances look great: he has guaranteed admission to Brown’s medical school upon graduation.

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Cesar is currently in his first year at Yale University. Also IVY LEAGUE.

Edgar Cesar Garcia
Photo Credit: Edgar García

He’s majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology.

Nice job, Edgar and Cesar’s parents.

Edgar Cesar Garcia
Photo Credit: Edgar García

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund agrees. They’ve named Juan and Patricia García “Parents of the Year” for the 2015 “Leaders in Education” Awards.

Cesar told the Santa Cruz Sentinel that he’s proud to represent Watsonville at Yale.

Edgar Cesar Garcia
Photo Credit: Edgar García

“Going away made me realize that Watsonville is a special part of who I am and where I come from.”

Edgar, who is currently studying in Spain, doesn’t think he’s special – he just worked really hard to reach his goals.

Edgar Cesar Garcia
Photo Credit: Edgar García

“It’s easy to get stuck and make yourself believe that you won’t make it. Sometimes all it takes is believing and being willing to put in the work. I’ve been told many times that it was ‘easy’ for me because I’m smart. To be honest, I don’t think I am smarter than other students… the way I would describe it is, you can’t join a team and expect to be the top athlete from one day to another, it takes hard work, dedication and the mentality that you want to be at the top.”

After Denying It, HUD Declares Federal Housing Administration Is No Longer Helping DACA Recipients With Housing Loans

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After Denying It, HUD Declares Federal Housing Administration Is No Longer Helping DACA Recipients With Housing Loans

In a blow to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development says young undocumented immigrants will be ineligible for federally backed housing loans. The news comes after months of confusion about the policy for immigrants who were brought here as children. Back in April, Secretary of HUD, Ben Carson denied this at a congressional testimony but a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) official said last week DACA recipients are indeed not eligible for Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans.

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans are intended to make homeownership more attainable for those with lower credit scores and incomes.


“Because DACA does not confer lawful status, DACA recipients remain ineligible for FHA loans,” Len Wolfson, a Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) official, wrote in a letter to California Democratic Rep. Pete Aguilar last Tuesday. “Determination of citizenship and immigration status is not the responsibility of HUD, and the Department relies on other government agencies for this information.”

The latest declaration is a reversal from HUD’s previous statements to questions about whether FHA is backing mortgages for DACA recipients. The Trump administration has been trying to rescind the Obama era policy but has been blocked by a federal judge from doing so.

“I’m sure we have plenty of DACA recipients who have FHA mortgages,” Carson said at a congressional hearing in April. “I would simply say that I have instructed everyone to follow the laws of the United States with regard to DACA, with regard to anyone who is an immigrant or a potential immigrant to this country, and as long as you continue to follow the laws you will have my approval.

In the letter, Wolfson put the blame on the Obama administration for the policy and its regulations. He references former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s letter from 2012 that DACA “confers no substantive right, immigration status or pathway to citizenship” for recipients.

Even after Carson said that “plenty of DACA recipients” were receiving FHA-backed loans, lenders were being told to do the exact opposite.


According to Buzzfeed News, After Carson denied the notion that DACA recipients weren’t being approved for FHA loans, many reported that they were still being denied help.

“The explanation we received from HUD is inconsistent with the realities on the ground and statements made by Secretary Carson to members of the Appropriations Committee, and it does nothing to clarify the confusion created by the agency’s inconsistent policies,” Aguilar said in a statement to BuzzFeed News last Thursday.

The FHA has never stated that receiving a loan means requiring citizenship or lawful status.


DACA recipients had previously never faced problems when applying for federally-backed housing assistance. FHA has also never had a clear policy that pertains to DACA recipients. According to the FHA’s single-family housing handbook, a housing guide the agency refers lenders to, notes that an Employment Authorization Document, which DACA recipients possess, is necessary “to substantiate work status” for noncitizens and qualifies them for such loans.

Under the Obama administration, HUD was supporting DACA borrowers under these circumstances. Yet the Trump administration has clearly enforced these guidelines differently.

“We know that DACA recipients have received these loans in the past, and it’s shameful that HUD is allowing the president’s anti-immigrant agenda to dictate housing policy,” Aguilar told Buzzfeed News.

This news comes out as the House Financial Services Committee last Wednesday passed a bill, Homeownership for DREAMers Act, that guarantees DACA recipients have the right to obtain federally backed mortgages.

This means recipients also can not be denied based on their immigration status. The bill is set to go to the House floor for approval, but many believe it’s unlikely the bill will pass the Republican-held Senate or be signed into law by the president.

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A Single Mom On DACA Is One Of The Newest Cast Members On MTV’s New Season Of ‘The Real World


A Single Mom On DACA Is One Of The Newest Cast Members On MTV’s New Season Of ‘The Real World

MTV / Facebook Watch

Did you know MTV still films “The Real World”? Yeah, we didn’t either. Turns out 27 years since they first aired the revolutionary reality TV show of “seven strangers picked to live in a house…to find out what happens … when people stop being polite … and start getting real,” the network has not stopped. Despite MTV’s viewership considerably different from back in the day, the network is still pumping out the show, but we’re actually looking forward to this season because of one cast member.

The new season of MTV’s “Real World” taking place in Atlanta includes a DACA beneficiary.


Meet Arely, a 21-year-old single mom from the Midwest. Arely is the youngest in the house and is the first “Real World” castmate to have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status.

Arely came to the U.S. from Mexico when she was a child with her parents and had a baby when she was 16.


According to her bio, “Arely became pregnant and began to realize the challenges of being a teen mom. She always imagined life as a registered nurse but found she was unable to take her nursing exam due to her status as a DREAMer. After years of hard work and sacrifice, Arely is ready for adventure and new opportunities.”

The new season airs June 13 on Facebook Watch and looks like things will get heated for Arely.


One of her roommates actually said to her that people should come to the U.S. legally to her face. Ugh! As if she had a choice.

Her problems are way more crucial to life than random hookups and barfing in the sink.

We will see how this season goes down, but it should be more fun to watch especially because viewers can have real-time reactions on social media.

Here’s more about Arely.

Meet Arely! | Real World: Atlanta

Meet Arely! A 21 year-old dreamer with a 4 year-old son. The Real World: Atlanta premieres June 13. Exclusively on Facebook Watch.

Posted by The Real World on Watch on Thursday, May 30, 2019

We’re rooting for you, girl!

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