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Fútbol Referee In Argentina Was Shot And Killed By A Player He Red Carded

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In Argentina, fútbol is often compared to religion. Players, fans and weekend warriors alike are not afraid to express their passion for the game. But sometimes, passion can quickly turn into violence. This weekend, an amateur game in Argentina turned deadly after a routine decision by a referee.

Police in Córdoba, Argentina are on the hunt for a fútbol player who shot and killed a referee…for being red carded.

Cesar Flores, 48, was refereeing a game when he red carded a player and told him to leave the pitch. Flores apparently had some history with the player he red carded, and things turned violent after the player left the pitch.

According to local reports, the player left the pitch and retrieved a gun before returning to the field and opening fire.

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According to The Guardian, the shooting took place while the game was still in progress.

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“It all happened during the football match. We don’t know [exactly what took place], but it appears the player was angry, fetched a gun and killed him,” police told Efe, according to The Guardian.

According to La Voz, the player has been identified to be 36-year-old Juan Marcelo Barrionuevo. Police told La Voz they hope to find the suspect before townspeople try to take justice into their own hands. Flores was a father of four and had another on the way.

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