From the Fields to UCLA: This Success Story Will Motivate You to Chase Your Dreams

Do you think college grad when you look at this pic?

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Eunice Gonzalez does.

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She graduated from UCLA, one of the highest-ranked universities in the world, this year.

A strawberry field is where her education started.

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Gonzalez’s dad immigrated from Oaxaca to the United States to find work.  Three years later, her mom (seven months pregnant with her) and sisters followed.

Gonzalez spent time in the fields.

Along with her sisters, Gonzalez picked strawberries or worked “ponchando” during school breaks. She learned the work is grueling and back-breaking. “The labor is huge,” she told bitchmedia. “Strawberry fields in particular are one of the hardest types of agricultural labor because it requires you to have your back bent most of the time and without shade.

But, unbeknownst to her parents, her eyes were on a college education.

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There was never any talk from her parents telling her she had to go to college, they were working 12-hour days taking care of three girls.

And she fought for it.

Credit: Eunice Gonzalez / Facebook

“Both of my sisters weren’t given the resources to achieve higher education,” she recounted to bitchmedia. “I think it’s because during the time they were going to school, accessing college wasn’t a ‘thing.'” Gonzalez changed that for herself.

She took inspiration from her parents work ethic.

Credit: Jorge Flores / mariposa-reina / Tumblr

Working hard to get A’s in high school.

Credit: Jorge Flores / mariposa-reina / Tumblr

So she could be a UCLA Alumna.

A thankful daughter, Eunice dedicated her degree to her parents.

Read Eunice’s full interview with bitchmedia here.

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