From Telenovela Galanes to Hollywood Hunks, Don’t Miss the Hotties in this Film

These Guys are the Latino Ocean’s Eleven

Ladies, only read if you are seated…because you might just pass out. The eternal papasito Fernando Colunga, the ever-so-handsome Eduardo Yáñes and new-comer hottie Vadhir Derbez have banded together in the new comedy Ladrones. That’s right ladies, three telenovela hunks for the price of one!

Here’s a closer look at all three gents:

Eduardo Yáñes


Fernando Colunga 


Vadhir Derbez

Me encontre esta foto de "Los 50 mas Bellos" de People Magazine ? #recuerdos #prince #sastre #quiubs

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When interviewed by Variety Latino, the actors explain how they each play a sort of Robin Hood with special talents and work together to return stolen property to people of a small town Texas — but it’s not a sequel to Ladrón que Roba a Ladrón. Get ready ladies, these ladrones will definitely steal your heart and few carcajadas!

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