From Period Cramps to a Pinch, this Doctor can FEEL Your Pain


If you need a new doctor, Joel Salinas may be the way to go. This dude can feel what you feel — YES, FEEL. Headache? ✔️. Numbness? ✔️. Amputation? Sadly, ✔️. This shit is crazy.

Salinas has a rare condition called mirror-touch synesthesia.



That means he can feel an amputation.

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“I remember one patient who unfortunately had an amputation of the arm from an accident,” Salinas, a Harvard-trained neurologist, told WBZ. “I remember feeling as though my arm was dismembered and I could feel the blood.”

OMG…I’m gonna be sick.


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Salinas participated in an Ask Me Anything for Reddit to explain.

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This gets really weird…

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He knows your orgasm better than bae.

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“Sensations are certainly much more salient with adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, etc (it’s similar with caffeine) — and it’s even more salient the more similar corresponding parts are,” Salinas wrote on Reddit. “The more corresponding (like-to-like) bodies are, I find that there’s an added dopamine rush almost. Like a bit more of a relief — like scratching an itch that you didn’t realize you had, but are so glad you found it.”

Go on…

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Salinas was asked, “What happens when you watch porn?” His answer, “Fortunately my optic nerves aren’t selective based on subject matter… and the MPAA doesn’t regulate my occipital cortex….”

Can he feel child birth? Yes.

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“My body will still perceive the sensations regardless of whether I’ve felt it before on my body–even if the parts don’t exactly match up,” Salinas responded on Reddit. “Internally, I have to wrestle with the “Um… what is this I’m feeling right now…” moment. Being curious, I usually try to appreciate it for what it is.”

Dude even knows what death is like!

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“It’s a really a unique experience that is really worth just having a discussion on it’s own,” Salinas told Redditers. “More than anything, there’s just such a pronounced feeling of stillness. A kind of emptiness that screams that there should be something there, but it’s gone now… with the added weight of permanence.”

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But it isn’t just sensations he experiences.

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This condition has several layers and exists on a spectrum.

He can taste colors.

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“Lighter colors for myself typically are on the more sour or sweet spectrum, which darker are more on the bitter or umami spectrum,” Salinas explained on Reddit.

And see sound.

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“It’s also got some great color qualities: hues of lavender, sky blue, whisps of gray, and little tiny tips of a slightly yellow hue at the center at times,” Salinas said about listening to this YouTube clip.

Basically, this dude is a modest superhuman walking among mere mortals.

According to WBZ, only about 1 to 2 percent of the population have mirror-touch synesthesia.

Do you think you could handle having mirror-touch synesthesia? mitú wants to know. Tell us in the comments below.

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How Being Bilingual is the Most Awesome Way to Make Money and Friends


How Being Bilingual is the Most Awesome Way to Make Money and Friends


Being bilingual holds a slew of benefits for individuals and the nation, like…

Credit: C0sm4r / Reddit

Being bilingual is good for your brain.

Credit: Glee / FOX / iwouldliketobemyoldselfagain / Tumblr

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Your problem solving skills are way better…

Credit: dre10g / Reddit

…and you are less likely to get distracted.

Credit: Spider Man / Marvel / moviegifss / Tumblr

Research shows knowing multiple languages forces your brain to operate in a different way making problem solving easier and more effective because your brain is used to processing both languages, so it’s learned to differentiate what needs to be done and how to do it. Got that, Sarah?

Colleges love bilingual people.

Credit: High School Musical 3 / Disney / justadreamtobewithyou / Tumblr

Being bilingual makes it easier to get into college because speaking another language is in high demand. Remember, it’s because we’re smarter than those who only speak English. #winning #ganando

Employers don’t want to hire people who can’t communicate globally.

Credit: Real Housewives of Atlanta / BRAVO / secaedelcielo / Reddit

Most companies are global, so knowing another language means it’s easier to get a job. Sixty-six percent of employers agreed.

Being bilingual also means more ??.

Credit: naylthemon / Reddit

RosettaStone found that people who speak at least one foreign language make on average $10,000 more annually than those who speak just English. How’s that for improving the nation, Sarah?

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It also means higher status jobs.


Credit: Pitbull / J Records / Vevo / Tumblr


So, the next time someone tells you to only “speak American,” just remember…


Credit: Wizards of Waverly Place / Disney / im-a-young-padawan / Tumblr

You are already succeeding in life more than they are.

Are you bilingual and proud? mitú wants to know. Tell us in the comments below.

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