From Corridos To Punk, Chulita Vinyl Club Spins The Music We’re Dying To Hear

Meet Chulita Vinyl Club, a record-spinning collective of mujeres who are gaining a foothold in the “boys-only” DJ scene.

Chulita Vinyl Club Austin
CREDIT: Chulita Vinyl Club Austin          Photo Courtesy of Chulita Vinyl Club Austin

Founder Claudia Saenz was just out of college when she created Chulita Vinyl Club in 2013.

Photo Credit: Chulita Vinyl Club / Facebook
CREDIT: Photo Credit: Chulita Vinyl Club / Facebook

Saenz was living on her own while working her first big job and, like many post-grads, was trying to make ends meet. “I didn’t have enough money for internet,” said Saenz, “so I started to grow my collection of vinyl as a form of entertainment.”

With the help of personal friends and growing social media connections, CVC was expanded.

Chulita Vinyl Club Austin / San Antonio
CREDIT: Chulita Vinyl Club Austin / San Antonio          Credit: Arlene Mejorado

CVC currently has 50 members spread throughout seven chapters: Austin, San Antonio, the Rio Grande Valley, Los Angeles, Santa Ana and San Diego.

A passion for music is necessary, but previous DJ experience is not. Many of CVC’s members enter the collective without experience, but are taught how to mix and transition by their fellow chulitas.

Credit: Chulita Vinyl Club / Facebook
CREDIT: Photo Credit: Chulita Vinyl Club / Facebook

Each member brings their own style and choice of genre to the sets — from soul and punk to reggae and corridos.  “[Chulita Vinyl Club] is all about empowerment for vinyl-loving girls,” said Saenz.

Representation in the DJing community continues to be a priority of Chulita Vinyl Club. Saenz explains: “If you don’t see yourself up there, you don’t think you could do it.”

Chulita Vinyl Club Los Angeles Photo Credit: Arlene Mejorado
CREDIT: Chulita Vinyl Club Los Angeles          Photo Credit: Arlene Mejorado

“We need to step up and show that we’re here and that we’ve always been here,” says Xochi Solis, 35, a member of CVC’s Austin chapter. She sees CVC’s existence as an opportunity of cultural connection and storytelling. “As I become more and more engaged with my CVC chapter and the others nationally, I believe we are truly arriving on the scene as accomplished DJs in a male-dominated field, but that we are also nurturing and developing a safe space for each individual mujer to tell their own personal narratives through the culture of sound.”

They also get to showcase musicians whose work didn’t make it past the digital age.

Photo Credit: Chulita Vinyl Club / Facebook
CREDIT: Photo Credit: Chulita Vinyl Club / Facebook

“Digging for records in Texas is amazing because as a Tejana, I discover all these Texas recording labels [that are] telling history that you can’t find readily,” says Solis. “Here were entrepreneurial Mexican-Americans that started their own labels to present the music of Tejano and other artists abandoned by the major labels. This is my history as a Tejana and how wonderful that I can go out to the pulga or thrift store and buy it for only a few dollars. I get to save it from obliteration, but not only that, I get to share it through my DJ sets with mis Chulitas. We get to tell the stories that the music and vinyl covers tell and keep the culture present.”

CVC has seen an influx of messages since the presidential election, from women who are drawn to CVC’s “resistance through existence” stance.

Chulita Vinyl Club Bay Area Photo Credit: Raul Barrera
CREDIT: Chulita Vinyl Club Bay Area          Photo Credit: Raul Barrera

Since the election, many of the club’s weekly Soundcloud mixes have been dedicated to the process of healing through music.  Yoselin Martinez Xonthé, 20, a member of CVC’s Bay Area chapter, joined CVC to cope with depression and social anxiety. “I told myself that surrounding myself with people that loved music as much as I did would maybe help, and it did. Not only did it help a lot with my social anxiety but being able to look forward to events and seeing the chulitas was so life changing,” Xonthé said. “Only thing is that my wallet has gotten skinnier because I keep buying records,” she jokes.

CVC stays focused on creating spaces where people of color can dance, sing, cry and heal in an especially tense social and political time.

Photo Credit: Chulita Vinyl Club / Facebook
CREDIT: Photo Credit: Chulita Vinyl Club / Facebook

“From crammed and raucous car rides to a gig to chisme over crate digging, I am blessed to be part of this community. We are a bright, clever, and curious crew and while we all have our own personal look or sound, we come together as comadres to share our space openly without aggression and genuinely care for one another as we grow and learn as DJs,” Solis said. “We get excited when one of us shines in the spotlight, or in our case the dim glow of the ones and twos.”

Be sure to follow Chulita Vinyl Club for updates on future events.

San Antonio Fans Got Treated To J.Lo Singing ‘Si Una Vez’ And We Have Serious FOMO


San Antonio Fans Got Treated To J.Lo Singing ‘Si Una Vez’ And We Have Serious FOMO

Discover Laredo / YouTube

Jennifer Lopez arguably became a household name after she portrayed Selena in the biopic about the iconic Mexican-American singer. Since then, J.Lo has become a musical, acting, and producing force in the entertainment industry. Now, at 50, the Puerto Rican superstar is on a new tour and fans in San Antonio were treated to a special cover when she belted out “Si Una Vez” by Texas legend Selena Quintanilla.

J.Lo really showed up for her San Antonio audience with her “Si Una Vez” song after admitting it was her favorite.

At the beginning of the video, J.Lo asks the audience if they want to hear a little Selena. Like, what kind of question is that to ask a Texas audience? Of course, they want to hear some Selena. After asking the crowd which song would be best she told them that “Si Una Vez” is her favorite and that sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Fans were so excited to learn J.Lo’s favorite Selena song because we all have one.

Finding someone with the same favorite Selena song as you is so amazing. Legit, one of the most telling signs of how long your friendship and relationship will last is the Selena test. Do they know who Selena is? Do they like her music? Do you have the same favorite Selena song? This is crucial

Seeing the woman who brought Selena to the big screen was one of the most touching moments for so many people.

Credit: @delunz21 / Twitter

Hearts fluttered. Angels got wings. Moods were lifted. It was a physical moment for so many people who could feel the love from the stage. It was as if Selena was on stage in J.Lo’s body giving us the concert we have been craving.

While all of the concertgoers were melting down, social media people also lost their minds over the cover.

Credit: @TickleMe_Elma / Twitter

It’s like Thalía taking time during her concert to give the fans a taste of Jenni Rivera. Who wouldn’t want to be there for that moment? It feels like a special connection between the singer and the audience as they give praise and attention to a shared icon.

This is one way to ring in your 50th birthday, J.Lo.

Credit: @cruzjay05 / Twitter

There is one thing everyone knows for sure, J.Lo is a force that cannot be overlooked. She is a strong and powerful singer. A recognizable actor. A successful producer. But, most importantly, she is a Selena fan who gives the Tejano singer the respect and love she deserves.

Watch the full performance below.

Thank you, J.Lo. You know how to make your shows something to remember.

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The Music Video For New Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Hit ‘Senorita’ Is Pure Fire And No Wonder Fans Think Theyre A Couple Like OMG


The Music Video For New Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Hit ‘Senorita’ Is Pure Fire And No Wonder Fans Think Theyre A Couple Like OMG

camila cabello / YouTube

There is one thing in music that is not up for debate: the Camilizer fandom is one of the strongest. No matter what the pop star is doing, her fans will always show up with full support on social media and irl. That fandom is making power moves again now that Cabello’s new collab “Señorita” with Shawn Mendes is out. In less than 24 hours, the video already had 14 million views.

Camila Cabello got her fandom ready with one tweet and it worked.

Credit: @Camila_Cabello / Twitter

Cabello’s Twitter is a powerful tool. When she tweets, her millions of followers listen. It is clear that she has learned how to harness social media for the betterment of her career and it is paying off. Tbh, she kind of deserves the success she has garnered so far. Like, she skipped her quinces so she could audition for the X Factor and the rest is music history.

Cabello stans are here to tell you that “Señorita” is a song that is here to stay.

Credit: @joyfulseavey / Twitter

No one is surprised to hear that Cabello was able to put out a hit. She is proving herself as a powerful musician. We still can’t get “Havana” out of our heads and it has been out for two years.

Like, this is what the Camilizer fandom is doing the rest of the weekend with this song in the background.

Low key, a lot of people will be giving this song all of their streams this weekend. Who wouldn’t want to spend the next couple days bouncing to this song?

People are crying over the new song because they have been waiting for new music.

Credit: @InZaynFor5H / Twitter

Take some deep breaths and relax. You don’t want to miss any of the music or video because you can’t see or hear over your own sobs. Is it even worth listening if you are crying so intensely?

Fans had theories about how the singers prepared for their intimate moments on screen.

Credit: @ShawnMendes / Twitter

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to have bad breath when you have to kiss someone over and over again. It is also kind of cute that Mendes was so concerned that he ate mints to make sure he had good breath for Cabello.

The video and the passion between the singers is reigniting speculation that they are secretly more than friends.

Credit: @_emgm_ / Twitter

Some people might call it good acting and on-screen chemistry. Camilizers call it them sharing their truth while hiding behind the facade of music and the arts. Whichever it is, they know how to make a convincing couple on the screen.

Here is the full video for Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’s “Señorita.”

Congrats, you two. Seems like you really did the thing with this video.

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