From Agoraphobia to Zionstereo, Your Almost A-Z Guide for SXSW

Despite the influx of marquee talent like Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lady Gaga, there’s still plenty of up-and-coming artists to discover at SXSW. It’s tough to follow all the music that’ll shake up Austin this year, but it’s worth checking out which Latino acts will leave their marks.

Here’s your primer on some don’t-miss Latino acts – along with some bands from Spain – to keep your SXSW festival ear and eye on.


Credit: APOLOMXTV / YouTube

As straightforward a rock n’ roll band as they come, the Mexico-city based crew resurrects early-Sabbath vibes on jams like “La Noche.”

Honorable Mention: Agoraphobia

Bomba Estéreo

Credit: Nacional Records / YouTube

With appearances in ’09, ’10 and ’12, the electronic-based Colombian outfit is a SXSW regular, bringing their cumbia-fueled “Fuego” to the U.S. festival scene.

Honorable mention: Buenaparte



Credit: SXSW / YouTube

With corrido sensibilities and chilled-out synth productions, the innovators of Centavrvs blend an iconic Mexican sound with the modern global dance scene.

Honorable mention: Chancha Via Ciruito

Dos Santos: Anti-Beat Orquesta

Credit: aguzate / YouTube

These “musical omnivores” might hail from Chicago, but they’ll tell you their backgrounds in indie, rock, afrobeat and jazz trickle down from the Cumbia glue revived in their overall sound.

Honorable mention: Deers

El Freaky

Credit: Canal de ElFreakyColectivo / YouTube

With generous support from Diplo, Bogota’s El Freaky Collective staples together a pastiche of Afro-Caribbean musical lore onto a backbone of EDM and booty bass.

Honorable Mention: Él Mató A Un Policía Motorizado

Felipe El Hombre

Credit: Felipe El Hombre / YouTube

They call these guys Latin Rock, but short of their Spanish vocals, these guys grind a psyched-out, garage-rock sound you expect to hear in Austin, making SXSW a perfect fit.

Gina Chavez

Credit: MusicVideoRace / YouTube

If you’ve caught onto the whole culture-mashing motif going on here, then consider this multi-ethnic songstress’ pop take on Mexican roots music.

Honorable mention: Ghost Magnet Roach Motel

Homeboy Sandman

Credit: Stones Throw / YouTube

Rapper Angel Del Villar II is a native New Yorker (via Queens) but the Dominican and Puerto Rican roots of his immigrant parents shape an honest sound that knows no boundaries.


Credit: Ibeyi / YouTube

Twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz come from Paris, but their Afro-Cuban roots are on full display. Their indie/electronic sound was recently noticed by the A&R minds at XL Recordings.

Honorable mention: Irene Diaz

Juan Pablo Vega

Credit: Juan Pablo Vega / YouTube

Go ahead and coin the nickname “Juan Legend” for this buttery pop vocalist out of Colombia, because he’s going to be melting hearts in Austin come March.

Honorable mention: Javier Escovedo and the City Lights

La Gaucha

Credit: Twitsessions / YouTube

A bombshell frontwoman makes no difference in the sound, but this Chilean quartet brings a dose of sexy to Austin. Look for some Latino-style bumpin’ and grindin’ on the dance floor.


Credit: MacacoOficialVEVO / YouTube

These guys bring together people from Brazil, Cameroon, Sweden, Venezuela and Spain, a perfect fit at a festival that celebrates the positivity of music.

Honorable Mention: Matias Cena

Oso Leone

Credit: Oso Leone / YouTube

Spaniards Carles Baena and Abel Suárez produce an inventive post-rock sound that could be from anywhere. The band is one of the least bound by cultural roots to hit SXSW this year.

Honorable Mention: O Amor Existe


Credit: PercanceTV / YouTube

SXSW wouldn’t be the same without a few Ticos in the mix. That’s exactly what the uptempo pop punk/reggae/roots outfit Percance brings to this year’s fabulously diverse lineup.

Honorable Mention: Pommez Internacional


Credit: Silvina Sodero / YouTube

British-born Will Holland has 15 studio albums to his credit, with much of that output grounded in a soulful blend of Latin-influenced electronic music that never ceases to entertain.

Raquel Sofia

Credit: NPR Music / YouTube

After a career backing the likes of Juanes and Shakira, this gifted Puertorriqueña has spread her wings and taken center stage with force.

Sonido San Francisco

Credit: Sonido San Francisco / YouTube

Psychedelic tropical electronic music isn’t a figment of your imagination, it comes in the form of this quasi-ravey cumbia music group making an appearance at this year’s SXSW.

Honorable Mention: Sexores


Credit: Txarango Oficial / YouTube

If you’re looking to sway, mosh, dance or see an all-around party of a stage-show, be sure to keep your eye out for this Barcelona-based reggae/pop/latin rock/salsa fusion band.

Honorable Mention: Twin Shadow

URSS Bajo el Árbol

Credit: URSSbajoelarbolTV / YouTube

This experimental music project began in 2009 in the heart of DF and helped shape Mexico’s bustling indie rock scene with a sound reminiscent of In Rainbows-era Radiohead and Porter.



Credit: SXSW / YouTube

Zionstereo’s anthemic shoutout to Colombia’s Cali combines the country’s local rhythms with the communicative power of hip-hop.

Honorable Mention: Zalama Crew

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11 Ways to Get Weird in Austin


11 Ways to Get Weird in Austin


1. Cathedral of Junk

Landfill engineering #CathedralOfJunk

A photo posted by Kristen Bankhead (@bankie23) on

From trash to treasure is the path taken by Vince Hannemann, creator of the Cathedral. While it could speak to the growing issues in society, there isn’t any deeper meaning. It just looks cool.    

2. Peter Pan Mini-Golf

In the cut with my boy Peter Pan #peterpanminigolf #minigolf #austin #texas #dope #sofun A photo posted by Sam Lindley (@samlindley97) on

Join Peter Pan and the Lost Boys in this Neverland links where all you have to worry about is golf and hanging with friends. And drinking. BYOB has never been this great.

3. Baylor Street Art Wall/Hope Outdoor Gallery

This is a hands-on museum experience, where you can reach out and touch the art. And no two visits are the same, since the art is always changing.    

4. Hippie-Hollow

Nice day for it ☀️ #bts #wigsinthewild #wiglife #photoshoot #hippiehollow #notanlines @the_diamond_ @breckadactyl

A photo posted by ?Coco Coquette? (@coco_coquette) on

If you’re a fan of nature, you’ll want to visit Hippie-Hollow where clothing is optional. For a different thrill, there’s a nearby zip line that guarantees a bird’s-eye perspective of Lake Travis.

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5. Bats Under the Congress Avenue Bridge

Austin, TX ????

A photo posted by Jessica (@jessicalifford) on

This is a must-see, where as many as 1.5 million Mexican Free-Tailed bats emerge from underneath the bridge around sunset, leaving spectators in awe of the nature-meets-urban visual experience.

6. Rocket Electrics

Forget ordinary walking tours and ride one of these electric bikes to get you through those hot Texas days. If you decide to go on the food tour, you’ll be thankful for not having to do cardio in between stuffing your face.

7. Wild Bubba’s Wild Game… Antelope Burger

Doesn’t get much more Texas than this #austintx #wildbubbas

A photo posted by Erin Groseclose (@eringroseclose) on

Expand your burger horizon with options from antelope to kangaroo. If you’re not feeling adventurous, don’t worry. They serve beef burgers, but folks will call you chicken.

8. Eat at a Trailer Park: South Austin Trailer Park & Eatery

#austin #torchystacos #southaustin #trailerparkeatery A photo posted by @careyandrobert on

You haven’t eaten at a trailer park? Then don’t miss the experience shared by 20 million Americans because despite what you may think, the food here is unbelievably delicious.

9. Toy Joy

Nope, nothing scary about this…

A photo posted by Toy Joy (@toyjoyaustin) on

If you’re shopping for souvenirs, forget the cliché keychains and shotglasses. Instead, visit this shop and take home a nostalgic toy that’ll guarantee more smiles. Or scares.

10. Eeyore’s Birthday

Everyday I’m packering #packering #eeyoresbday A photo posted by Brandon Foskey (@brandonfoskey) on

This birthday celebration is a place and time, where you can push your weird and not be judged. People of all ages dance, get crafty and play carnival games with nary an Eeyore-like worry.

11. Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon

Chicken Shit Bingo! #ginnyslittlelonghorn #oldaustin

A photo posted by @michelleleigh23 on

Talk about putting a new twist on a classic, this bar hosts Chicken Sh!t Bingo. A defecating chicken determines the next letter and number. You wanted to get weird in Austin.

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