Frida Kahlo Shows Her Love for Diego Rivera in Rare Home Video

Frida y Diego en la Casa AzulNadie sabrá jamás cómo quiero a Diego. No quiero que nada lo hiera, que nada lo moleste y le quite energía que él necesita para vivir, vivir como a él le dé la gana, Pintar, ver amar, comer, dormir, sentirse solo, sentirse acompañado; pero nunca quisiera que estuviera triste. Si yo tuviera salud quisiera dársela toda, si yo tuviera juventud toda la podría tomar, No soy solamente la madre, soy el embrión. el germen, la primera célula que- en potencia- lo engendró. Soy él desde las más primitivas y más antiguas células, que con el tiempo se volvieron él. Cada momento él es mi niño, mi niño nacido, cada ratito, diario, de mí misma.

Frida Kahlo

Posted by Frida Kahlo on Monday, February 29, 2016

“Nobody will ever know how much I love Diego”

Frida Kahlo’s love for Diego Rivera was as unconditional as her love for art. Their relationship — filled with loss, sickness and infidelities — was equal parts passionate and confusing.

In a rare video posted by a Frida Kahlo fan page on Facebook, we see Frida and Diego spend time together, caressing and kissing each other in Frida’s Casa Azul. The video was shot by photographer Nikolas Murray, and in the home clip a narrator recites an excerpt from Frida’s diary, in which she explains her unconditional love for Diego:

“Nobody will ever know how much I love Diego. I don’t want anything to hurt him, nothing to bother him and rob him of the energy he needs for living — for living as he likes, for painting, seeing, loving, eating, sleeping, being by himself, being with someone. But I’d never want him to be sad. If I had good health, I’d give him all of it. If I had youth, he could take it all…”

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