Why is Frida Kahlo 7 Feet Tall?

For Japanese sculptor KazuhiroTsuji, Frida Kahlo is like a religious icon.

Credit: @kazustudios / Instagram

“For many people she is like a god,” he said to Vivala.

That’s how he wanted to portray the iconic painter as he created an incredible sculpture of her.

Credit: Kazustudios / Instagram

Using his skills he used in Hollywood as a special effects artist, Tsuji created the life-like version of Frida studying video and different pictures of her. He says, it’s more of a composition of the many sides of Frida. And like Frida’s sculpture, he’s created others of Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali and Abraham Lincoln.

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The statue stands at 7 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds.

Besides the size, the significance of the artwork is even more astounding.

“The more I read about her the more I respected who she was . . . to me she is really like a religious icon. I tried to coddle her and comfort her up there too for the pain she went through . . . so respect and also comforting her was the meaning of the design.”

Credit: @kazustudios / Instagram

That’s why Tsuji has Frida held by golden hands.

Read more about Tsuji’s journey as a special effects artist and sculptor from Vivala here.

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