Donald Trump Has Signed An Executive Action To Shorten The Environmental Review Process

Donald Trump just signed an executive order pushing for the construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline.

Just two working days into his presidency, Donald Trump is quickly undoing all the decisions made around both the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. According to CNN, Trump signed a series of executive actions centered solely on constructing oil pipelines in the U.S. With each executive action, Trump has undone the recent work of the Obama administration to halt construction on these two pipelines. It wasn’t just executive actions expediting the construction of the pipelines that he signed — other executive actions signed by Trump shorten the environmental review process, decrease regulation when it comes to building pipelines, and make it mandatory to build the pipes for the pipeline in the U.S., according to video from CNN.

“President Trump is legally required to honor our treaty rights and provide a fair and reasonable pipeline process,” Standing Rock Sioux Tribe chairman Dave Archambault II said in a statement, according to CNN. “Americans know this pipeline was unfairly rerouted towards our nation and without our consent. The existing pipeline route risks infringing on our treaty rights, contaminating our water and the water of 17 million Americans downstream.”

Critics, like Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas, are already speaking out against the executive order.

“We knew the war wasn’t over,” Taboo told TMZ. “We knew that there was still a big war against injustice and trying to preserve mother earth and what’s sacred to our land. So, we felt like we needed to do whatever we can ’cause some people were like, ‘Yeah! We did it! Everybody could go home now.’ But, it’s never over. Especially when you are dealing with someone like this man who just came into office. He’s unpredictable.”

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Here's How A Puerto Rican From New York Created A Mariachi Band That Would Not Only Fill A Void In The East Coast, But Get Nominated For A Grammy


Here’s How A Puerto Rican From New York Created A Mariachi Band That Would Not Only Fill A Void In The East Coast, But Get Nominated For A Grammy

Check out this performance from the Latin Grammy-nominated all-female mariachi band Flor de Toloache on #HarryTV!

Posted by Harry Connick Jr on Thursday, January 19, 2017

Flor De Toloache is a mariachi band with a mission: female empowerment.

Flor De Toloache was recently on Harry Connick Jr.’s new talk show, “Harry,” and the all-female mariachi group gave viewers chance to experience their powerful brand of ranchera music. Mireya Ramos, a founding member of the band, told Connick Jr. that the band came about from a love of music and a need for more women in the male-heavy mariachi music industry.

Ramos told Connick Jr. that she grew up with a mariachi father and fell in love with the music. After moving to NYC from Puerto Rico, Ramos’ first gig in the city was with a mariachi band. “And then I noticed that there weren’t very many women playing mariachi music in New York or any all-female groups like there was in the west coast,” Ramos told Connick Jr. “So, I was like, ‘Oh my God. We need to start our own group,’ to create a safe place for women to come together and make music and make money also. You know, living in New York’s expensive.”

So, how did this all-women mariachi band come to be?

The group has performed in France, Germany, Italy, the U.K., and the Netherlands, according to the band’s official website. They use the musical stylings of tradition Mexican mariachi but add their own twist, and some English lyrics, to make a sound all their own.

After so much attention abroad, U.S. mariachi fans started to take notice of the group. They were even nominated for a Latin-GRAMMY in 2015 for Best Ranchera Album.

The award ended up going to Pedro Fernandez, but the nomination was one moment that made Flor de Toloache’s journey worth while.

“We bring something very refreshing,” Ramos told Women You Should Know. “We have our own power and own command that we have to work harder for, however that translates, it’s different and special.”

Flor De Toloache is doing mariachi a little differently, incorporating women from different cultural backgrounds.

“The members hail from diverse cultural backgrounds such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Australia, Colombia, Germany, Italy and the United States,” reads the bio on the official website. “This defines their unique flavor and sound. The result of this cultural bouquet is an edgy, versatile and fresh take on traditional Mexican music.”

But the biggest mission of the mariachi group is giving women a chance to create music.

“I knew they were out there, but most of the musicians I worked with at the time were male,” Ramos told the Huffington Post. “It was also sort of an excuse to connect with other women artists. I wanted to create a platform for other women to be able to play other music and be known.”

As for why they chose to tackle the mariachi scene, it’s simple: more people are starting to appreciate the genre.


“Mariachi has been popular for over 100 years,” Ramos told the Wall Street Journal. “But now maybe it is getting more popular with more people who aren’t Mexican. So there is a blending of the cultures that seems to be taking place right now.”

BONUS: Check out their 20-minute Tiny Desk Concert for NPR below!

This is what modern mariachi sounds like and it’s pretty dope.

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