Finally Queen Selena Quintanilla Will Get Her Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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Video announcing the Class of 2017 for the #HollywoodWalkOfFame in the recording category.
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Posted by LoveSelena.com on Tuesday, June 28, 2016


We cannot contain our excitement at the news that Selena Quintanilla will FINALLY get her own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Eek!

The queen of música Tejana will be honored in 2017 along with 34 other celebs.

“The Committee looked carefully at each nominee and we feel that we have selected a great group of talent that will appeal to the tastes of many fans around the world,” announced Vin Di Bona on Tuesday afternoon. We wonder if Andrew Longoria’s petition has anything to do with this news, but regardless we know millions of Selena fans are ecstatic and are dusting off their purple jumpsuits.

Eva Longoria and conductor Gustavo Dudamel are among other Latinos who will join Selena in Hollywood’s Walk of Fame Class of 2017.

Learn more here.

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We’ve Heard This Song At Every Family Party, But Had No Idea The Video Was Trippy AF


We’ve Heard This Song At Every Family Party, But Had No Idea The Video Was Trippy AF

Quinceañera, miniteca o reunión familiar, Elvis Crespo has won his spot as the king of merengue at almost any family party. Latinos def know his song “Suavemente,” but watching the 1998 video will make you question so much…

Is he possessed?

Suave 1

Vampire outfit? Check. Multicolor spirits coming out of his body? Check.

Also, the song and video open with “Suavemente, bésame que quiero sentir tus labios…” but does he really think he’s going to get someone to kiss him like this?

How was he not dubbed fashion icon of the decade?


Synthetic leather pants, shiny silk shirt and indoor lentes de mosca – in white. No one could top that 90’s look… except for maybe Missy Misdemeanor Elliott.

Who said it’d be cool to have two Oompa Loompa versions of yourself as backup dancers?

Suave 2

Self-centered much?

He really can’t dance…


My 1-year-old sobrino could teach him a move or two.

…But he can fly.

Suave 3

?He believes he can flyyyy?. Oh wait, that’s a different song.

Ways this star is just like us: He likes all-inclusive vacations.

Suave 4

Playa, giant singers and of course, tiny women.

Was he inspired by “The Brady Bunch” intro?

Suave 5

With the choice of these four options, which is your favorite Elvis?

Feeling tense?

Suave 6

Let Elvis Crespo’s spa take care of you with his 2-for-1 special.

Will dancing by himself ever land him a kiss?

Suave 8

For a song that’s all about a guy asking a girl to kiss him, the results are pretty depressing.

Again, who told them these were good moves?

Suave 9

And we can’t help but laugh.

Amazonias are real.


Now, close your eyes and picture her using the boats as water skis.

Who needs acid, really?

Suave 7

When Elvis got you trippin’.

Whatever happened to Elvis Crespo?


He launched his own aerobic DVD series.

Relive your family party / childhood memories by watching below:

Credit: Suavemente / Vevo / Elvis Crespo / YouTube

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