The Reason Camila Cabello Missed her Quinceañera is Awesome…and Other Stuff

Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony has a heart of gold and an inspiring story. We caught up with the Cuban-Mexican beauty to talk about the things that matter most to her: family, food and the American dream. Here’s what we learned:

She Ditched Her Quinceañera to Compete in The X Factor

She Gets Her Warrior Spirit from Her Mami

Cartoons Taught Her English

Credit: maya & miguel channel/Youtube

Cuban-born Cabello was only five when her family moved to Mexico. A year later, her family moved to Miami. Living in the United States meant having to learn English. “I just watched a lot of cartoons and TV. I started off just watching Maya and Miguel and The Disney Channel.  We never had the Disney Channel in Cuba so it was the greatest thing on earth.”

She’ll Give You Squad-Envy

Credit: @taylorswift / Instagram

Or Taylor Swift’s Instagram. You’ll see Camila there, too.

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Even Though Fifth Harmony Didn’t Win X Factor, It Made Her Stronger

She Loves Meeting Fans 

She’s Not Much of a Prankster

And Can Eat Mexican Food All Day

If there was a Tumblr about Her Everyday Life, It Would Look Like This:

She’s Grateful for Her Shot at the American Dream

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