These Chants Will Cost Soccer Teams a Lot of Money

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In a weird turn of events, FIFA — whose top officials are embroiled in a huge corruption investigation — has fined five Latin American countries for homophobic chants by the audience during qualifying matches for the 2018 World Cup.

Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay will have to pay around $18,000, while Chile will have to pay the highest fine, around $69,000, for the “insulting and discriminatory chants.” Honduras might also get fined.

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“Disciplinary proceedings alone cannot change behaviour by certain groups of fans that unfortunately goes against the core values of our game,” said Claudio Sulser, chair of FIFA’s disciplinary committee. “FIFA and the entire football community have to be proactive in educating and inspiring a message of equality and respect across all levels of the game.”

Moral of the story: being homophobic is expensive.

Read more about the fines from The Guardian here.

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Chicano 2.0: Black Lotus Rosie


Chicano 2.0: Black Lotus Rosie

Credit: wearemitu / YouTube

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