This Latino Started On A $300 Budget And Ended Up With A $30M Movie Contract

Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment / YouTube

Fede Alvarez’s “Don’t Breathe” is the horror movie fans have spent all year waiting for.

Aside from a few exceptions, 2016’s scary movies have been half-hearted sequels or boring supernatural attempts at terror, which is what makes “Don’t Breathe” so refreshing. The premise is simple: Burglars break into a blind man’s house and then end up the victims of unimaginable horrors. Rather than relying on the tried-and-true formulas that dominate the stagnant genre, director Fede Alvarez looked elsewhere for inspiration, saying, “It has to be in the real word, there’s enough horror in the real world.” He was right. “Don’t Breathe” has been hailed by Filmmaker magazine as “the best American horror film of the past 20 years” and a “flawless exercise in suspense.” This is exactly the kind of praise we expected for Alvarez, who dropped an A-bomb of horror on YouTube back in 2006.

His short film, “Ataque de Pánico,” hit YouTube with such force that tremors were felt all the way to Hollywood.

Credit: FedAlvar / YouTube

Filmed on a $300 budget — yes, less than the cost of a PS4 — Alvarez’s “Ataque de Pánico” was uploaded to YouTube in 2006. Within a few days, Hollywood was all over the Uruguayan director like flies on hot sh*t. By 2009, Fede secured a $30 million contract with Ghost House Pictures to direct the highly anticipated “Evil Dead” remake. As expected, “Evil Dead” had a hit-or-miss relationship with fans, but the film scored big money for the company and further cemented Fede’s reputation in the horror genre.

“Don’t Breathe” has a received tons of praise from critics and fans. Does it live up to the hype? It currently holds a fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, if that matters. Check out the gritty, NSFW Red Band Trailer here.

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