Fat Joe Explains Why You Don’t Squabble With Mike Tyson

Rapper Fat Joe recently paid a visit to “Highly Questionable,” the ESPN talk show hosted by Cuban-American sports writer Dan Le Batard. Fat Joe, who is a lot less fat these days, joined Le Batard and co-host Bomani Jones to talk about one of his biggest passions: basketball. After sharing stories about NYC street ball games featuring NBA stars, Joe shared a story involving the late Big Pun and boxing legend Mike Tyson.

“Isn’t there a memorable story involving you, Big Pun and Mike Tyson?” Dan Le Batard asked Fat Joe.


After a show in Jersey, Fat Joe and Big Pun decided they wanted to keep the party going. They decided on The Tunnel because it had a reputation. “The Tunnel was like, people get shot, get stabbed every week. You gotta be out of your mind to go there.” And so they went, but they didn’t even make it inside the club before they found trouble.

Giant security guards demanded Big Pun to take his Timberland’s off so they could search them for weapons.


Even though the bouncers were monsters, Big Pun refused to take off his boots. “Pun is like, ‘I’m Big Pun. I’m double platinum. I’m a superstar. I’m not taking off my boots.'” The bouncers didn’t like what they heard and soon they were exchanging words.

Fat Joe stepped in with words of his own.


Things got heated, and there were six gigantic bouncers looking to get into a squabble with Pun and Joe. The odds didn’t look good and Joe knew it. He told Pun, “Yo Pun, you’re my brother, we going to fight all of them, but we are going to get our asses kicked.” Still, Pun was ready to go to war, which meant Joe was going to have to have his back.

But as they approached the security guards, they heard a distinct, high-pitched voice yell out, “Hey Pun. Hey Joe. F— these dudes over here.”


“This is like one of those Geico commercials, where you’re like ‘Mike Tyson.’ Like you know you can just dream up Mike Tyson.” Apparently Mike Tyson, just out of jail, already had a run in with the bouncers and was looking for revenge.  So it was Pun, Joe, and one of the baddest dudes on the planet ready to go against the bouncers. The bouncers were so intimidated by Tyson that by the end of it, the main bouncer who started the problems was begging for forgiveness.

Listen to the whole story straight from Fat Joe (begins at 2:10 mark).


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