Reality Shows We Wish Existed

Fake Reality Shows

These seven celebs have denied us our guilty pleasure for too long. We admit, we’re totally obsessed with their lives: the VIP treatment they get everywhere they go, the multi-million dollar homes they own, the weird beauty tricks they endure to stay forever young. Since we’re not turning into celebrities overnight, we’d love to live vicariously through them by binge-watching their reality shows.

J. Lo: Finding Love

Fake Reality Shows Jennifer Liopez

We’re not talking about a reality show like “Q’Viva: The Chosen.” Frankly, we couldn’t care less about another talent competition. The talent we’re interested in is how this 45-year-old Latina has 20-something-year-old men coming in and out of her life like it’s no biggie. Teach us your ways, J.Lo!

Speaking of no biggie, various media outlets report the diva bought a swanky Manhattan penthouse for $22 million, pocket change for someone who Celebrity Net Worth said has assets of $300 mil. We’re dying to see the bootylicious singer lounging around in all her luxurious splendor. But more than anything, we’d like to know how she goes through life with all that booty.

Pitbull’s ‘Round the World Party

Fake Reality Shows Pitbull

How does one earn the nickname “Mr. Worldwide?” You party 24/7 surrounded by beautiful mamacitas all over the world, just like Pitbull does. The singer parties so hard that tour-buddy Enrique Iglesias has admitted he can’t keep up. To be honest, we wouldn’t be able to party as hard either, but we’d spend wild nights watching him on TV and randomly yelling “DAAAALEEE!” while he shows us how it’s done.

Sofia Vergara & Her Rise to Fame

Fake Reality Shows  Sofia Vergara

We know Sofía Vergara as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, the sassy, trophy wife from “Modern Family.” The ride to fame has been just as drama-filled as a sitcom for the highest-paid actress on television. The New York Post dug up details about the vixen’s run-ins with the mafia, cancer and Tom Cruise. She’s also had some rocky relationships (remember creeper Nick Loeb?). There’s so much back story to her career, personal and romantic lives that we can’t believe someone hasn’t offered her a 10-season reality show yet.

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The Complicated Life of Selena

Fake Reality Shows Selena Gomez

What’s better than an overly-dramatic telenovela? Real life drama! And Selena Gomez has lots of it. There’s her on-and-off relationship with Justin Bieber, her on-and-off friendships with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, her “real” friendships with Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift, her new relationships with other famous men. And we’re dying to figure out if her relationship with Zedd is just a revenge plan to make Justin jealous. This girl has drama to spare!

Shakira On Top

Fake Reality Shows Shakira

Shakira just had her second child and she can still shake her hips like she did back in her “Pies Descalzos” days. The Colombian singer is still working full-time (did you hear about her recent collab with Maná?) while taking care of her babies and maintaining her loving relationship with her beau, Gerard Pique. Oh, and traveling the world. Please, show us how you do it!

Bruno Mars: Your Sweetest Bad Boy

Fake Reality Shows Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is one of the hottest rock stars of our time. He topped Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime performance, taught us to make love like gorillas and even got us to groove to funk again. But like any superstar, there’s much more to Peter Hernandez — his real name — than meets the ear. This seemingly good boy from Hawaii has a dark past that includes an arrest for cocaine possession, but it doesn’t stop there. The crooner confessed to GQ magazine he still enjoys gambling and loves diving deep into the nightlife scene. He’s sexy, has a voice that makes us swoon and a mysterious bad-boy side to him that we must learn more about.

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Gina Rodriguez Navigating Hollywood

Fake Reality Shows Gina Rodriguez

This newcomer is hot, funny, and she just won a Golden Globe to solidify how talented she is. If she wasn’t well-known before, that will change, and we want to come along for the ride. We want to know what acting gigs she’ll land, what celebs she’ll schmooze with, how she’ll react when strangers on the street start chasing her for a selfie. She’s probably the closest we’d ever get to becoming a celebrity starting from the ground up.

Jennifer Lopez Gave Fans The Ultimate Treat With Her Rendition Of Selena’s ‘Si Una Vez’


Jennifer Lopez Gave Fans The Ultimate Treat With Her Rendition Of Selena’s ‘Si Una Vez’

Discover Laredo / YouTube

Jennifer Lopez arguably became a household name after she portrayed Selena in the biopic about the iconic Mexican-American singer. Since then, J.Lo has become a musical, acting, and producing force in the entertainment industry. Now, at 50, the Puerto Rican superstar is on a new tour and fans in San Antonio were treated to a special cover when she belted out “Si Una Vez” by Texas legend Selena Quintanilla.

J.Lo really showed up for her San Antonio audience with her “Si Una Vez” song after admitting it was her favorite.

At the beginning of the video, J.Lo asks the audience if they want to hear a little Selena. Like, what kind of question is that to ask a Texas audience? Of course, they want to hear some Selena. After asking the crowd which song would be best she told them that “Si Una Vez” is her favorite and that sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Fans were so excited to learn J.Lo’s favorite Selena song because we all have one.

Finding someone with the same favorite Selena song as you is so amazing. Legit, one of the most telling signs of how long your friendship and relationship will last is the Selena test. Do they know who Selena is? Do they like her music? Do you have the same favorite Selena song? This is crucial

Seeing the woman who brought Selena to the big screen was one of the most touching moments for so many people.

Credit: @delunz21 / Twitter

Hearts fluttered. Angels got wings. Moods were lifted. It was a physical moment for so many people who could feel the love from the stage. It was as if Selena was on stage in J.Lo’s body giving us the concert we have been craving.

While all of the concertgoers were melting down, social media people also lost their minds over the cover.

Credit: @TickleMe_Elma / Twitter

It’s like Thalía taking time during her concert to give the fans a taste of Jenni Rivera. Who wouldn’t want to be there for that moment? It feels like a special connection between the singer and the audience as they give praise and attention to a shared icon.

This is one way to ring in your 50th birthday, J.Lo.

Credit: @cruzjay05 / Twitter

There is one thing everyone knows for sure, J.Lo is a force that cannot be overlooked. She is a strong and powerful singer. A recognizable actor. A successful producer. But, most importantly, she is a Selena fan who gives the Tejano singer the respect and love she deserves.

Watch the full performance below.

Thank you, J.Lo. You know how to make your shows something to remember.

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‘Jane The Virgin’ Actress Opens Up About How Anxiety Kept Her From Showing Up To Set


‘Jane The Virgin’ Actress Opens Up About How Anxiety Kept Her From Showing Up To Set

Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Stringer | Getty Images

Even though depression, anxiety, and mental health are becoming more publicly discussed, there is a stigma attached to it. It’s still seen as a weakness instead of a disease. Mental wellness is not regarded in the same way physical wellness is. It isn’t discussed at home or at schools — making the important topic all but taboo. That’s why it is so important that we talk publicly about our struggles with mental health.

It’s with that in mind that “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez opened up about her own experiences.

Rodriguez has been open about her personal experience with her mental health in the past.

Twitter / @HuffPost

In 2017, in fact, she posted about her journey with anxiety in a very candid Instagram post.

She has now opened up even further in an emotional sitdown with NBC’s Kate Snow during the recent Kennedy Forum.

The actress explained:

“I think I started dealing with depression around sixteen. I started dealing with the idea of…everything is going to be better when I’m gone. Life will be easier. All the woes will be away, all the problems. Then I wouldn’t have to fail or succeed, right? Then all this surmounting pressure would go away.”

The pressure Rodriguez refers to includes the difficult time she had while filming the final season of “Jane the Virgin.”

Twitter / @enews

According to the star, she began suffering from panic-induced, debilitating anxiety attacks while on set.

“There was a point where I couldn’t, I couldn’t push through every single time anymore,” Rodriguez shared with Snow. “And I’m one of those human beings…I’m just like, ‘I’ll handle it later. I’ll deal with it later. I’ll figure it out later. I just have to do this now.’ All the while dealing with this, you know, your silent little dragon in your head.”

Rodriguez went on to explain that this struggle caused her to stop production on the series for the first time ever.

Twitter / NFINorth

“I had a really tumultuous season, she confessed. “I was unafraid for the first time to be like, ‘I can’t.'”

That courage motivated Rodriguez to get the help she needed and to take the time to prioritize herself. It’s a milestone that anyone who fights against their mental illness would recognize. We can only imagine the pressure Rodriguez faced in the midst of a busy production schedule.

Her ability to speak openly about mental health is motivated by the girls and women who look up to her.

Twitter / @savannaha006

“I can’t just tell them to go out and make their dreams come true and then to ignore everything else,” Rodriguez explained.

The actress has long been a mentor in the fields of art, body positivity, immigration rights, and feminism. In 2016, Rodriguez launched the We Will Foundation to promote young artists through education and scholarships. In 2018, she worked with P&G to start the Always Campaign to benefit Feeding America.

This candid conversation is another example of her commitment to being the sort of mentor the world needs most.

Poor mental health is often a side effect of other illnesses; which is the case with Rodriguez.

Twitter / @CrisisTextLine

Anxiety and depression are complications of her Hashimoto’s Disease. Rodriguez shared in a 2017 SELF interview that the medicine she takes for her thyroid causes heart palpitations. This disrupted rhythm sometimes triggers panic attacks.

The illness has forced the actress to reassess herself and become more self-aware. After adjusting her medication, she noticed improvements.

Still, Rodriguez had to face the bigger issue of her underlined mental health. That self-awareness has helped her and hopefully, her experience can help others struggling with the same issues.

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