The MOST Extreme Bike Ride Happened in Peru (No Llamas Were Hurt)


When you think Peru, you probably think Machu Pichu. But there is SO much more to the country where even altitude sickness can be deadly for tourists. BMX bikers, Aaron Chase, Chris Van Dine, Ali Goulet, Katie Holden and Rich Van Every take us on the wildest of rides down the country’s mountains with a GoPro. You better hold on!

“These mountains go forever and ever and as we’re going up, the mountains are going up,” one of the bikers said. “When we get up to these ruins… it’s a lost world up there and we’re rediscovering it on our bikes.” And they don’t only rediscover ruins, but also Peruvians who welcome them with open arms.

As they ride down the mountain to the city center, one biker puts everything in perspective: “Anyone who makes it out alive is like a brother.”

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