9 Ridiculously Expensive “Mexican” Items

Don’t you love it when common Mexican items are “reinterpreted” and turned into luxury items? Who wouldn’t want to pay a grand for a piñata bag or nearly $10,000 for a Mariachi jacket? These “Mexican” items have price tags that would definitely make your parents say “¿Cuanto? ¡Están locos!”

1. “Piñata Crossbody Bag” by Charlotte Olympia – $1,295

Expensive Mexican Items

Oh, the piñata. Nothing compares to the rush we felt as children, trampling over our cousins for the best candy once a piñata was destroyed. Those piñatas where what, $15 or $20? Who would pay $1,295 for a piñata bag? Does it even have candy inside?

2. “Huarache Flats” by Tory Burch – $295

Expensive Mexican Items

What’s the difference between these red, white and blue huaraches and a $15 pair at the market? Oh, they’re made by Tory Burch. Go ahead and spend an extra $280 bucks on these. Without the screaming Tory Burch “T,” no one would even know the difference between these and a pair that you paint yourself.

3. “Mexican Bracelet” by Deszo – $330

Expensive Mexican Items

These bracelets are sold on the streets for as cheap as a dollar. You can also splurge and spend five bucks to get it personalized. What’s with the high price tag? This bracelet has a tanzanite stone — but is it really necessary?

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4. “Guarachero Boots” by Comme Des Garçons – $515

Expensive Mexican Items

Isn’t Japanese fashion supposed to be ahead of the game? These boots were a trend in some parts of Mexico about four years ago. Someone in Japan thought, “Hey let’s bring these back and sell them for $515!” Is anyone buying?

5. “Mexican Jacket” by Valentino – $8,990

Expensive Mexican Items

Mariachi bands: the instruments, the passionate vocals and the outfits make for a wonderful experience. Outside of a mariachi performance or Halloween, though, the style is tough to pull off. But if you’re that fashion forward, go ahead and shell out $8,990.

6. “Mexico City Dress” by Casper and Pearl — $139 (On Sale for $91)

Expensive Mexican Items

The only Mexican thing about this dress is the word “Mexico” printed on it. And, to be honest, it looks like an inexpensive Forever 21 dress. You’re asking someone to pay nearly $100? No, thanks.

7. “Rose Embroidered Fringe Poncho” by Dolce and Gabbana – $1,495

Expensive Mexican Items

Ponchos are supposed to keep you warm. This lacey one won’t even do that. Whoever buys this for $1,500 can blame their severe chills on Dolce and Gabbana.

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8. “Mexican Embroidered Leather Sandals” by Nicholas Kirkwood – $480 (On Sale for $287)

Expensive Mexican Items

These leather sandals can be bought for a lot less, handmade. The designer is British, so maybe these are “exotic” and the scarcity of them inflates the price.

9. “Skull Charm Sandals” by Charlotte Olympia – $1,140

Expensive Mexican Items

Day of the Dead is a holiday when Mexicans celebrate the lives of those who have passed away. Walking around with Day of the Dead symbols on your feet on any other day, is just plain weird.

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