Danielle Vega and Gabriel Chavarria: ‘East Los High’ Is Only Gonna Get Realer

Danielle Vega and Gabriel Chavarria

The new season of Hulu’s East Los High promises more romance, more sex, and lots more relationship drama. We caught up with cast members Danielle Vega and Gabriel Chavarria and got real about some of the toughest topics from the Emmy-nominated show.

Abusive Relationships

East Los High
Credit: Hulu

Q: The show touches on a lot of sensitive topics, like abusive relationships.

Vega: It touches on how far you’ll go for a relationship to make it work until you realize it’s not worth it. We talk about the importance of knowing your self worth. You’ll see Ceci struggle with that on season 3. Young people need to realize that you don’t have to be with someone who says they love you, but also physically abuses you.

Struggles of Being a Teen Mom

East Los High
Credit: Hulu

Q: Ceci’s character is not only involved in an abusive relationship, she’s also raising a child. How do fans react to this?

Vega: Unfortunately, a lot of girls go through what she has gone through. The familiarity that comes with her character really allows for girls to look at her as an example and mentor. I think that’s why she resonates so well with fans.



Q: What life lessons have you learned from the show?

Vega & Chavarria: Always use protection. Ceci, Jesse and Vanessa are all characters that show you the consequences of not wearing a condom. So all we can say is, ALWAYS use a condom.

Their Lives Versus Their Character’s Lives

East Los High
Credit: Hulu

Q: How have your parents reacted to the show?

Vega: My mom had such a tough time watching the first season of the show. She didn’t want to see me get beat up, but she appreciates the show for what it is. I think I surprised her a bit with my acting skills.

East Los High
Credit: Hulu

Chavarria: In my home, we try not to talk about those shirtless or risque moments. [Laughing] I’m sure they’ve closed their eyes on a few episodes.

Guilty Pleasure: Telenovelas

el Clon
Credit: Telemundo

Q: Your show is like a telenovela. Did you ever watch them?

Chavarria: I was glued to the TV whenever El Clon was on.

Credit: HBO

Vega: I can’t stop watching Capadocia on HBO. It’s amazing.

 The Hard Times

Q: Being an actor seems glamorous, but I’m sure there are hard times.  What have you overcome in your career?

Vega: The auditioning process can be tough to deal with. In our line of work we hear more ‘no’ than ‘yes.’ The toughest is when you audition for a role where you’re just saying one line and you still don’t get it. The odds aren’t always in your favor, but what will set you apart is your drive and hunger. Anybody can hear ‘no’ and give up, it’s how you overcome those moments of doubt that will determine your future.

Groin problems. Lil setbacks. #lobo #therapy ? frustrating. I miss you ?⚽️

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Chavarria: Everyone doubted the success of the show. You got an all Latino cast, speaking in English, talking about real issues, it had never been done before. I think everyone hoped for the best but we never thought it would be such a hit and in a non-traditional format like Hulu. If anything we are an example of what it’s like to overcome insecurities or moments of doubt.

‘East Los High’ season 3 premieres July 15 on Hulu.

Who is your favorite East Los High character? Let us know. 

Cringworthy Latino Wedding Disasters that'll Make You Want to Stay Single


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The Couple Who Thought a Caballo Seemed Like a Good Idea

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You know what they say: when in rancho, do as the rancheros do.

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Unless of course you don’t know how to get off a dang horse, because the first step is a doozy.

The Guys Who Don’t Grasp the Purpose of la Víbora


Okay, okay, so it’s natural that things get rowdy during the snake dance…


Guys, you’re supposed to go through the little tunnel, not RUN INTO THE GROOM.


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Looks like these guys were los padrinos del desmadre.

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Oh, Ladies is Pimps, Too


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And when she gets up, half her pompis are on display.

The Photographer Who had to Get the Perfect Shot


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This Guy Who Combined Taconazo with Too Much Tequila


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The Borracho Who had One Too Many


Listen, as far as borrachos at a boda go, this one is GREAT! He ain’t bothering anyone.  He’s just sittin’ there—until he’s not.


And apparently, it’s not Tío Chema’s first time. This kid just strolls by like there isn’t a grown-ass man slumped over on the ground.

La Dama Who Can’t Surpress Her Thirst


This dama de bodas REALLY wants that ramo. She can catch, too bad she can’t stay up. ¡SOPAS!


The worst part is that una approvechada steals the ramo while the dama is down. So wrong!

The Couple Who Got a Little Too Cocky


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Then this poor flaco lifts up the bride triumphantly…


But NOT for long.

The Wedding DJ Who Pushes All the Right Buttons


Look out, we’ve got a baby Tiesto on our hands.


And he’s got the crowd moving…


But the person behind the video camera spotted something strange….


In case you missed it: HIS MIXER IS NOT PLUGGED IN.

The Bride Who Took a Nap During Her Ceremony


Wedding ceremonies are looooong. You’ve got a lot of time to think while you’re up there. Maybe a little too much.

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This bride was probably thinking “I should have had breakfast.” Then she crumpled to the floor.


Don’t worry, she was OK.

What’s the worst thing you’ve seen at a wedding?  Let us know below!

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