Everyone’s Fav ‘Undercover’ Mexican Quit The Internet So He Could Pay Attention To His Kids

Credit: Team Coco / YouTube

“Lock me out of the Internet.”

Have you ever thought about quitting the Internet for a while? Louis C.K., everyone’s favorite undercover Mexican, recently appeared on “Conan” to explain that he not only thought about quitting the Internet, he actually did it. But why? C.K. says there’s a few reasons. First, he spends his time looking at wild s**t that grosses him out. But he also says the Internet was getting in the way of his relationship with his daughters. C.K. joked that his daughters were “dying inside” every time he looked at his phone during conversations, so he asked one of them to lock him out of the Internet. Yep, C.K.’s daughter used a parental control filter on her dad.

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Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston to Make History on Stage


Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston to Make History on Stage

Christina Aguilera Whitney Houston

If there is anyone who can keep up with Whitney Houston’s insane vocals, it HAS to be Christina Aguilera.


Credit: @dirrty_j / Instagram

I mean, right?!

Soon, she will create magic on stage with Whitney’s *hologram*.

Credit: ruealoud / Tumblr

Christina Aguilera will reportedly sing a duet with the legend via a hologram on the stage of “The Voice” on May 24th, during the show’s finale. However, no one connected to the show has confirmed the performance. “I am sworn to secrecy,” Aguilera told ET Online. “I can’t say anything, but I’m very excited about the finale. Very exciting things happening.”

Whitney Houston died of a drug overdose in 2012, the night before the Grammys in Los Angeles at the age of 48. Definitely too soon for such an iconic musical career.

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