Everyone’s Favorite Mexican Actor Finds Love Troubles In Upcoming Comedy


“Because I love you, stupid.”

Love is equal parts tragedy and comedy, as Gael García Bernal finds out in his latest film, “You’re Killing Me, Susana.” Eligio, played by Bernal, wakes up one day to find that his wife has moved to the U.S., leaving him alone in Mexico. And for good reason. Eligio, it turns out, isn’t the kind of person you’d want your friend to date, let alone marry. But rather than leave well enough alone, Eligio doubles down and travels to the U.S. to win her back, as men like to do. What could possibly go wrong?

Sadly, Eligio is plagued by a problematic personality that leads him to several tragically hilarious situations.


Eligio quickly finds that his machismo isn’t well received in the U.S., and his past infidelities have pushed his wife into the arms of another, stronger man. No need for tears, though. The humor and the heart of “You’re Killing Me, Susana” blossoms out of the struggles Eligo has to overcome to change for the better. And even if he is able to become the person his wife deserves, it still might be too late.

However flawed the character is, it’s hard not to like Bernal, whose onscreen charm and charisma that have made him one of Mexico’s biggest crossover actors over the last few years.


In 2016 alone, Bernal won a Golden Globe and two of his films, “Desierto” and “Neruda” were nominated for Academy Awards. “You’re Killing Me, Susana” premiered at the Guadalajara International Film Festival to rave reviews, and is now set for U.S. release on February 17th. It looks like 2017 will be another watershed year for one of Mexican’s most well-loved actors.

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