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Even Museums That Celebrate Unity Across Cultures Are Falling Victims To Hate Crimes

Most people go to museums to see art, experience culture and to learn a thing or two. But this past Saturday, someone went to the New Americas Museum in San Diego, which celebrates and promotes the “understanding and interaction between newcomers and native-born Americans,” to scribble xenophobic rhetoric on museum posters. Who does that?

A vandal tagged a piece in the museum with anti-immigrant rhetoric, not once, but…

Credit: newamericanmuseum/Facebook

Note the scrawl is in ALL CAPS to emphasize the writer of the message is very MAD at all immigrants.

…Twice. The second message blamed immigrants for over populating the country.

Credit: newamericanmuseum/Facebook

After executive director of the museum, Linda Caballero-Sotello, reported the incident, to local police and the FBI she also posted this reaction video on Facebook.

Credit: lindacaballero/Facebook

“It’s disheartening to see that a cultural space that talks about the contributions of immigrants can be so threatening to those who now feel empowered and emboldened to speak very negative, very divisive messages,” she said.

It’s no secret that after the presidential election, many feel entitled to be more vocal about their hateful sentiments. In fact, the Southern Poverty Law Center counted 867 hate-related incidents in the 10 days after the election and a large fraction of the harassment has come from self-identified Trump supporters.

Trump recently went on “60 Minutes” and said, “If it helps, I will say this, and I will say right to the cameras: Stop it.”

Well, that’s going to solve everything ?.

Learn more about the anti-immigrant vandalism here.

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If There Was A National Recycling Month For Latinos, This Would Be It


If There Was A National Recycling Month For Latinos, This Would Be It

Credit: Simpys Distributors Fiji Limited / Facebook

Do you recycle Christmas ornaments and gift bags every December? Have week long recalentados after Christmas? Then you must be celebrating National Latino Recycling Month! Okay, it’s not really a nationally celebrated thing, but it might as well be because…

Every Christmas you recycle all the bolsas de regalo.

Tip: If the name tag has someone else’s name, rip it off.

And wrapping paper.

Tip: Take your time unwrapping your gifts. Be super careful not to tear the paper or leave fingerprints on the tape.

Everyone has leftovers for days weeks in December.

Tip: Cook in bulk.

NOTHING should go to waste. Leftovers are to be your meal for week, month, maybe even rest of the year.

All food trays and containers are also washed and recycled.


Tip: Disposable trays? HA. Neverrrrrrr.

Everything gets turned into tree ornaments like your quinceañera crown.



Tip: Just throw a ribbon on it.

Waste money Throw away Christmas lights when you can reuse the same ones over and over, even when some of the bulbs are out? Absolutely not.


Tip: Do not remove until next year, mid-January, because you still have to celebrate el Día De Los Reyes Magos.

Recycling doesn’t get easier than recycling paper. AKA, a collection of Christmas cards.


Tip: Don’t throw away. Stash every card you get over the years.

Bonus: The more cards you have, the more popular you look to all of your comadres.

And who can forget mom’s famous nacimiento.

Tip: Even if the nacimiento is collecting dust, you display it every. single. December.

If it’s possible to have leftover tequila, there’s no doubt that won’t get used at the next family gathering.

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Tip: There’s no way your uncles are going to let any single drop go to waste.

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