Even His Homeland Hates Donald Trump As Much As Latinos Do

Donald Trump took a break from ragging on immigrants in the United States to re-open Turnberry, a golf resort in Scotland (quite literally his mother’s land) that bears his name. He did so on the heels of the Brexit, a referendum on whether the United Kingdom would stay or leave the European Union. The U.K. ultimately chose to break away from the rest of Europe, defying all logic and reason. Why? Because immigrants, of course. Naturally, Trump had something to say about the Brexit. But instead of embracing his xenophobia, the Scots, who resoundingly rejected the Brexit, chose to troll him.

Taking a break from talking about nine holes, Trump proceeded to tweet himself into one more political hole. 

Thankfully Trump’s idiocy was met with heckling. Comedian Lee Nelson interrupted Trump’s speech by handing out swastika emblazoned golf balls to Turnberry’s patrons.

Sorry for the delay giving out the balls you ordered Mr Trump…

Posted by Lee Nelson on Friday, June 24, 2016

Credit: Lee Nelson / Facebook

Nelson wasn’t the only one who trolled Trump. This woman’s sign is both hilarious and to the point.

Credit: @NealCurtis/Twitter

And then there were these guys. Normally when white people dress up as Mexicans, it’s offensive AF. This, however, is totally legit.

Credit: Tripping Up Trump/ Facebook

There was also that guy who lives next to the Trump golf course who chose to fly the Mexican flag as a big F.U.

Credit: @ABC/Twitter

The trolling wasn’t just limited to IRL. A lot of people took to Twitter to creatively insult Trump for his ignorance.

Credit: @Mark_Andrew_M/Twitter

Credit: @CulturalSnow/Twitter



It’s interesting that Scotland’s son is stoking the flames of xenophobia when Scotland itself straight up rejected it by voting against the Brexit.  If he’s this out of touch with his own people, just imagine how it’ll be with the rest of us Latinos if he becomes president. Oh, and next time you run across a Scottish person, buy them a drink, won’t you?

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