Eva Longoria Might Have Figured Out the Best Attack Against Trump on SNL

Eva Longoria offered some good advice to those campaigning to have Donald Trump removed from hosting Saturday Night Live: Don’t watch it.

Longoria points out during an interview with The Wrap, “This is part of freedom of speech, freedom of press. He has his right — not only that, [executive producer] Lorne Michaels has a right to book whoever he wants.”

But it doesn’t mean we have to support the show.  And not tuning in that night might be the loudest protest against this decision. Makes sense since losing viewership is probably the best way to hurt a show,

“We as a Hispanic community have a choice to not watch it. That’s our choice,” she conitnued. “Boycott that night, and then let that show feel that [they] ‘did make a bad decision.’”

After Donald Trump called many Latinos “rapist” during his campaign announcement, many Latino groups went up in arms. And the scandal only made him more popular among the right wing conservatives. However, after being on top of the polls, Mr. Trump is losing steam.

So on Nov. 7th, go out with all your compas and forget all about SNL. That’ll teach them.

See what else Eva Longoria thinks about the the SNL-Trump scandal here.

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