Eva Longoria: “I was the Ugly Duckling”

Latina actress and bombshell Eva Longoria was on the TODAY show talking about her new show Telenovela. Of course there was talk of the show and her recent engagement…blah, blah. But the real show stopper was when she talked about her childhood.

Co-Hosts Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb were so impressed that Eva Longoria was funny in Telenovela.

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“Were you like the class clown growing up or the one that made everybody laugh?” Hager asked Longoria.

Longoria said she had to be funny when she was younger because she was “the ugly duckling.”

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“I blossomed very late,” Longoria explained. “I was the ugly, skinny, dark one.

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She even recalled being called “la prieta fea” by her family when she was younger.

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Let’s see Kotb’s reaction a little closer.

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I know girl, it’s cray.

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But when you grow up with two sister with blonde hair and green eyes, it tends to happen apparently.

Credit: TODAY.com

“I was always kind of funny,” Longoria told the co-hosts. “I was jut like, ‘OK, I’m not going to be pretty. I’m going to be the funny one.'”

Check out the rest of the Today video here and watch Longoria dish about her engagement, making Telenovela, and more about her ugly duckling past.

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