Erik Estrada is A Now A Cop For Real. These Other Latinos Should Follow His Lead.

Erik Estrada isn’t a cop, but he’s played one on television. Wait, that’s not entirely true. This past week, 67-year-old Estrada took the oath to protect and serve the small town of St. Anthony, Idaho. While we applaud his desire to give back to the community, his new career choice makes us wonder: What other roles have Latinos played that could also become their profession? Here are a few possibilities.

Pilot Oscar Isaac

Credit: Screen Rant / Star Wars: Force Awakens

Internet boyfriend Oscar Isaac played starfighter pilot Poe Dameron in the latest “Star Wars” movie, and that’s reason enough for him to become a pilot in real life. Sure, he needs training and a license, and probably a whole bunch of other qualifications, but the dude already proved he has what it takes to fight the Empire.

Veterinarian Aubrey Plaza

Credit: Lifetime / YouTube

On “Parks and Recreation,” Aubrey’s character, April Ludgate, thought about becoming a veterinarian for at least a couple of episodes. Maybe now that the show is no longer standing in her way, Plaza can actually pursue this as a legit career.

Professional Badass Danny Trejo

Credit: Mariah Raw / YouTube

It’s hard to tell where Trejo ends and his acting begins. The guy is a professional badass already, so whether he finds gainful employment as an actual badass or continues to act like a badass, he’ll be a badass either way.

Sorority President Selena Gomez

Credit: Universal Pictures / YouTube

Gomez’s role as president of Phi Lambda in “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” was great, and that’s why she should pursue an actual career in college politics. Let’s be honest, it’s only a matter of time before Selena becomes the first Latina president of the U.S., so this job is the perfect warmup to meeting foreign dignitaries and heads of state.

Ghost Hunters Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago

Retail Boss America Ferrera

Credit: Television Promos / YouTube

Well, this one hits a little too close to home. Hollywood saddles most Latin@ actors with these kinds of minimum wage roles, so while it’s a high-profile acting gig, it’s basically the retail role of television. But America’s acting on the show is on point enough for me to wish she was my real boss.

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The Wildly Popular Pollo Campero Has Partnered With Frito-Lay To Create A Limited Edition Flavor


The Wildly Popular Pollo Campero Has Partnered With Frito-Lay To Create A Limited Edition Flavor

Nearly 50 years ago, fast-food chain Pollo Campero was born in Guatemala. It’s since exploded into nearly 400 locations around Latin America, with more than 70 chains booming in the United States. Needless to say, Pollo Campero is beloved for its “not your typical chicken” flavorings, including hand-breaded, citrus-grilled and extra crunchy chicken recipes. Basically, once you’ve tasted that Pollo Campero flavor, you’ll never find it anywhere else.

Except for any Central American convenience store that carries Lay’s x Pollo Campero chips. 

Central Americans have all types of feelings about the collaboration and will be shocked to learn that production will end in December 2019.

Credit: @Miss_GC / Twitter

While the Pollo Campero Lay’s flavor was launched in 2015, it took Frito-Lay over a year and a half to research and develop a marketing plan, Frito-Lay marketing manager Diana de León told Forbes. De León suspected that Guatemala would be ground zero for Frito-Lay and Pollo Campero’s success.

Guatemala is one of the markets where this type of alliances are best developed, we have worked several activities together and the teams have really achieved a synergy of how to work this type of initiatives,” she told Forbes.

That said, it was always meant to be available for a limited time (until December 2019). The public fandom will have to let their affinity for Pollo Campero flavored chips go with the passing of 2019.

Some are saying that the Frito-Lay and Pollo Campero alliance was the best thing to happen to Guatemala.

Credit: @UWonTakeMeAlive / Twitter

Ángel Gutiérrez is all heart-eyes for the chips, and he’s not alone. Cindy Carcamo, a The Los Angeles Times staff writer, was sent on assignment to Guatemala to cover the effects of Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy on the country. She brought back a gift basket sized amount of Lay’s Pollo Campero chips back to her colleagues and dined out at Pollo Campero’s brick and mortar for her last meal. 

Pollo Campero is a staple flavor to many Guatemalans and Lay’s fans alike. Pollo Campero agrees.

Credit: @CamperoGT / Twitter

“We can’t deny it,” Pollo Campero’s official Twitter account responded to Àngel. It’s no wonder. Frito-Lay marketing strategy was embedded in the deep-seated connection to Pollo Campero’s brand and flavor profiles. Pollo Campero is an iconic brand, with equally iconic flavor associations, and Frito-Lay invested in developing formulas that mimick the unique flavor profiles.

One fan believes that the chips deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.

Credit: @purplejams14 / Twitter

In fact, Daniel Adultman thinks that ISIS members will forgo its violent target on the West and its values with one serving of Los Lays de Pollo Campero. In fact, Daniel thinks the chips could create peace in the Middle East. Claro, the brand allegiance and identity will likely not carry into Syria, but this is what fanship looks like.

Others are not so convinced by the chicken-flavored chips.

Credit: @thelemons0ng / Twitter

The feigned excitement almost got me, too. “Omg, have you tried the Pollo Campero flavored Lays yet?” Phil Barrera sarcastically tweets. A good chunk of Central Americans are simply turning their nose up at the thought of a chicken-flavored potato chip. Others gave the chips a chance and are not into it. “Really, lays con sabor a pollo campero.. como que too much,” tweets Florence Ortiz. “He probado cosas feas y lays sabor pollo campero,” tweeted another un-fan. Many others just think the thought of the family-owned business flavor profile merging with Lays is “LOL” worthy.

The haters won’t stop the fans from outright replacing Pollo Campero’s home-cooked chicken with the citrus-flavored chips.

Credit: @EstuardoPinto_ / Twitter

Which one of us is too proud to enjoy a lazy, broke perfectly textured taco? Not me, mama. We applaud your imagination. Vegans, take note. The bacon-flavored Lay’s that took over America were accidentally vegan. While we can’t confirm that Las Lay’s de Pollo Campero are accidentally vegan, you’re honestly running out of time to try them.

The general verdict is in. Lay’s de Pollo Campero can take all our money.

Credit: @jamelyn_jael / Twitter

“I just ate Pollo Campero, but in the form of Lays chips. Shut up and take my money!” tweeted Jamelyn Jael. Another fan took the opportunity to offer a congratulations to the marketing team specifically. Miss Gaany tweeted, “Lays sabor pollo campero! Wow! #MarketingStuff #MarketingStrategy.”

Stock your pantry, mi gente, because this ingenious invention is about to leave the shelves by the end of the year.

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Which Mexican Chip Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?


Which Mexican Chip Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Savory or spicy? A subtle crisp or an obnoxious attention-seeking crunch? There’s a chip for every personality, which is why we thought we’d go ahead and pick out which one of our favorite brands of Mexican chips can best be connected to each sign of the Zodiac.

Now, which carby delight best describe you in chip form? Apologies if we seem a little salty with these, it’s only because we’re comparing people to convenience store junk food. So, which one are you, my sweet little snacks?

Aries & Sabritones 

An Aries loves a kick as much as they have to be the most interesting person in the room. Since these Sabritones are unlike your usual crunchy chip situation with their puffed out egos – sorry, Aries 😉 – and their commanding fun but spicy flavor, you’ll fight whoever says these chips aren’t the bomb the same way you’d go after anyone who doesn’t respect your authority.

Taurus & Santitas

Loyal and reliable, Taurus. What’s more you than the chip that’s always $2 because it’s friggin’ printed on the bag? You’re consistent, no matter what grocery store we may find you in, and just like this family-sized bag, you’re always full of hard work.

Even if that hard work is eating the entire bag – something we’re not afraid of taking on single-handedly. Sharing? No thanks. Taureans are a one mate type of sign, anyway! This bag is mine!

Gemini & Doritos Tapatío 

Talkative Geminis are also known for their love of food. I guess it’s the only way they can keep their energy up for all that gabbing! More often, they’re known for their particular love of junk food, whether it be sweet or salty, which is why Doritos con Tapatío is very, very Gemini.

Two-sided, much like you! Is it a bag of Doritos or a bottle of Tapatío?! When you can’t make up your mind, porque no los dos?

Cancer & Tostito’s Scoops

Cancers are all-around good people. Hard-working, nice, and imaginative. The Tostito’s scoops of human beings. You’re consistent with your flavor and universal in your skills, even if those skills mean scooping up all that salsa.

Probably a Cancer came up with the idea to turn a tortilla chip into a scoop, anyway. Nice work! You’re also a true friend, and true friends bring the queso with that bag of chips. Mind picking some up on the way over? Thanks!

Leo & Adobadas Flavored Sabritas

Wow, a chip made to taste like a spicy pork dish. Pretty ostentatious. Right, Leo? Kind of just as attention-seeking as you are! The flavor of this chip packs a punch and is a fun new take on the otherwise bland and greasy flavors of Lays chips.

Yeah, these aren’t even tortilla chips! Sounds as flaky as you, lion! Umm, kiddiiiiiing. But not really.

Virgo & Mission Original Tortilla Strips 

You’re analytical in your choices to make sure you’re making the best possible one, so obviously you’d go with the chip that has…a mission. Ugh, sorry. Couldn’t help it. At the same time, you’re also shy with your choices, so you’d go with an easy, seemingly dependable option.

You’re all work, and these chips mean simple, tortilla chip business with no frills. Congrats, you’re as basic as the most common grocery store chip brand barbecuing dads love!

Libra & R.W. Garcia Veggie MixtBag


As a Libra, you’re diplomatic and fair-minded. “Why not include all vegetable flavors?!” you’d ask, weighing them all out on your little chip scales.

With that commitment to cooperation, you’re also indecisive, so a bag of mixed flavors is basically the best way to sum you up. I guess thank you for standing up for other vegetables being represented in chip form? You can eat these, we’ll pass.

Scorpio & Takis Fuego 

Just like Takis Fuegos, Scorpios aren’t for the faint of heart. These chips are for the passionate, the intelligent, the fearless. Don’t even think about offering a scorpion some lame Lay’s. Who the hell do you take them for?

No, a Scorpio is someone who ignites the snack flame of your heart and the burn in your butt soon to follow. But remember, you ain’t fancy. You think you’re hot shit, but in reality, we can still find you at any neighborhood 7-Eleven, scorp. Thanks for the wild ride!

Sagittarius & Chicharrones 

Like the beloved baked skin of a pig, you’re generous, well-traveled, and funny, Sag. I mean, who’s idea was it to eat the pigskin? And why does it taste good? Eating the pigskin is like being too lazy to wait to get to the rest of the pig so they were like, screw it! Just eat the first layer you hit!

Basically the same as your impatience, Sag. Good thing there’s no such as horse chips or you’d be in trouble. You’re also generous and love to share, just like the folks who eat chicharrones instead of regular chips. They’re a special breed.

Capricorn & Mission Original Tortilla Strips

You’re responsible and disciplined, Capricorn, and just like these bland-ass chips at every grocery store chain, you’re at least consistent in being there and probably being on sale. That being said, who do you think you in that fancy-ass bag pretending like you’re a better chip than you are?

You really think you’re the epitome of talent, erm, I mean chip, but just because you work hard to get your ass in every Walmart doesn’t mean you’re the best, honey. You do your job, though. We can’t deny that.

Aquarius & Yuca Chips

Hey, Aquarius! Um, yeah, you. You’re the undisputed weirdo of the zodiac – the one who’s a little off in all the best ways. You’re spontaneous, quirky, and authentically YOU at all times. So who says you’d be like any old run-of-the-mill tortilla chip? Please.

When everyone else tries to push the status quo, you’re already on another planet. That’s why yuca chips are you in a nutshell, err, I mean, a bag. A unique flavor, just like you. You may not be for everybody, but who wants to be liked by everyone? That’s just exhausting.

Pisces & Mission Organics Blue Corn 

Wow, it’s blue. As in the color of water. Because you’re a fish. Get it? Blue corn chips, just like you, are healthier and therefore wiser. Wow, you’re just SO much more in tune with the world, Pisces. You’re so artistic you deserve a chip as ingenious as you.

Don’t get all victimized when people don’t feel like eating your whole bag, though. Not everyone is as deep as you and your subtle taste of sea salt. Isn’t it ironic that this chip also looks like a teardrop? Enjoy the crunch, emotional Pisces.

all images via MexGrocer

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