Enrique Iglesias Tapped An Emerging R&B Star For An English-Language Version Of His Latest Hit

Credit: EnriqueIglesiasVEVO / YouTube

Can Enrique Iglesias keep up with emerging R&B star Tinashe in this duet?

Iglesias, who originally released “Duele El Corazon” in Spanish, has teamed up with 23-year-old Tinashe for an English-language version of the track. Already a star on her own, Tinashe has more than enough chops to go toe to toe with 41-year-old Iglesias. For Iglesias, duets have always been a great opportunity to work with emerging artists. Tapping Tinashe for the English version to generate interest in the cross-over hit is a no-brainer, but it could have backfired on him. Instead, the energy she brings only escalates Enrique’s already great performance.

The duo not only work well together, they also have more in common than you might expect. Both were destined for stardom from a young age.

T and E

Like Enrique, duets are nothing new for Tinashe.

Credit: TinasheOfficialVEVO / YouTube

Though Tinashe’s music career blossomed out several marvelous DIY releases (In Case We Die, Reverie and Black Water — albums you must listen to), she has become very familiar with teaming up on projects. In the last few years, Tinashe has dropped tracks with Chris Brown, R. Kelly, and Nick Jonas. For Iglesias’ part, having already worked with Pitbull this year, his duets with reggaeton artist Wisin and Tinashe prove he’s not done messing around.

Like Enrique, Tinashe has worked her talents into television and film. Both have even played roles on “Two And A Half Men.” Tinashe played Celeste Burnett, half-man Jake Harpers’s girlfriend.

Credit: Two And A Half Men / CBS / YouTube

Enrique played sexy handyman Fernando.

Credit: Two And A Half Men / CBS / Youtube

Small world, huh?

And in case you missed it, here’s the original version of “Duele El Corazon,” featuring Wisin.

Credit: Enrique Iglesias VEVO / YouTube

The original Spanish version, featuring Wisin, has sat atop Billboard’s Latin Airplay nearly every week since its May debut.

Which version do you like more? Tell us in the comments below!

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Ricky Martin And Enrique Iglesias Are Teaming Up For A New Super Tour


Ricky Martin And Enrique Iglesias Are Teaming Up For A New Super Tour

@ricky_martin / Twitter

Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias are planning a mega tour to bring their music to the masses. The two heartthrobs are teaming up to treat Canada and the U.S. audiences to a show they will never forget.

Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin are coming together to give their fans a collab they didn’t know they needed.

“I thought this would happen some time, but didn’t know when,” Iglesias told reporters during a press conference.

Young musician Sebastián Yatra will be joining the two musical powerhouses as a special guest for this North American tour.

For Yatra, the chance to perform with Iglesias and Martin is a dream come true.

Credit: sebastianyatra / Instagram

“If I didn’t have the chance to be onstage, I would buy a ticket to see you,” Yatra said about the show at the press conference. “I visualized this in my life. They are two of my biggest idols.”

Fans cannot wait for the tour to start.

Credit: @Jamie_R_Hendrix / Twitter

Who doesn’t want to see these three gorgeous men rock the stage? Just think about what you might see when Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, and Sebastián Yatra each take the stage. It is likely going to be a very sexy show.

However, people are begging the trio to make a trip overseas with their show.

Credit: @frannyb1972 / Twitter

It must be so frustrating to know that this show is happening but you have no chance to participate. Iglesias and Martin will be leaving it all on the stage and there are so many billions of people who don’t even have the chance to see them live.

Of course, people are definitely asking for them to tour Latin America.

Credit: @EnriquelTeAmo / Twitter

You can catch the show at any of the tour dates below!

Sept. 5 – Phoenix, Arizona
Sept. 6 – El Paso, Texas
Sept. 9 – Edinburg , Texas
Sept. 11 – San Antonio, Texas
Sept. 12 – Houston, Texas
Sept. 13 – Dallas, Texas
Sept. 17 – Los Angeles, California
Sept. 22 – San Jose, California
Sept. 24 – Sacramento, California
Sept. 26 – Las Vegas, Nevada
Oct. 1 – Chicago, Illinois
Oct. 6 – Boston, Massachusetts
Oct. 8 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Oct. 10 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Oct. 14 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Oct. 17 – Newark, New Jersey
Oct. 18 – New York City, New York
Oct. 23 – Miami, Florida
Oct. 29 – Orlando, Florida
Oct. 30 – Atlanta, Georgia

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Enrique Iglesias Got A Sweet Thank You Message From These Mexican Preschoolers Because Of His Help

Things That Matter

Enrique Iglesias Got A Sweet Thank You Message From These Mexican Preschoolers Because Of His Help

Courtesy of Save The Children

For several years now, Enrique Iglesias has been using his fame and platform to help those in need. He has supported several charities, including Habitat for Humanity, City of Hope and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Save the Children is the latest charity Iglesias has put his support behind and last Friday night at his Las Vegas concert, Iglesias got to meet — via a video message — some of the children he helped.

Singer Enrique Iglesias is helping children find peace and calm after major disasters and emotional distress through art.

Credit: Save The Children

Iglesias has helped raise money for the Save the Children’s Healing and Education through the Arts (HEART) program, which focuses on helping children deal with highly stressful situations, from natural disasters to deaths in the family. Iglesias has been a supporter and fundraiser for Save the Children since 2015 and his latest campaign, #Hearts4Kids, has helped one pre-school class in Mexico City, specifically.

While on tour, Iglesias has been selling T-shirts to raise money for Save The Children.

CREDIT: Enrique Iglesias Official Merchandise

During his Las Vegas stop on Friday, the kids got to thank the singer for his help.

Credit: Save The Children

The students from Mexico City recorded a video message to thank Iglesias for his help.

Before the show, the “thank you” video was delivered to Iglesias personally by Sheila Romero, the director of the school.

Credit: Save The Children

Iglesias can’t hold back his smile as he watches the video of the children thanking him for his generosity. While watching the video, Iglesias reaches out and hugs Romero.

Backstage, Iglesias signed shirts and hats for the children who have benefited from the HEART program in Mexico City.

CREDIT: Save the Children

The moment was captured on camera by Save the Children, who facilitated the moment.

HEART, with the help of celebs like Iglesias, is helping thousands of children around the world overcome their personal traumas thanks to the power of art.

CREDIT: Save The Children

One of the children that has benefited from HEART is six-year-old Marina.

CREDIT: Save The Children

Marina needed help to cope with the sudden loss of her grandfather, who was her closest family member. His unexpected death severely impacted her and negatively affected her performance in school. Marina benefited from not only writing letters addressed to her grandfather but by drawing pictures of him as well. According to a Medium post, her teacher and family saw Marina slowly open up about the pain she felt and eventually, she was able to overcome the sorrow she felt about her grandfather’s passing.

If you would like to learn more about HEART or Save the Children, click the links.

If you want to read more about Marina’s story, click here.

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