Enrique Iglesias Proved He’s Number One With This

enrique iglesias guiness

Enrique Iglesias is definitely not new to winning awards. Since coming onto the music scene in 1995, he’s won more than 200 awards around the world. And now, his childhood dream came true.  Can you guess what it is?

Iglesias received not one, but two Guinness World Records. The first is for having the most top hits on the “Hot Latin Songs” Billboard Chart with 26 songs from 1995 to 2015. The second is for staying at no. 1 on the Hot Latin Songs chart with his song “Bailando.” It was a 41 week run that started on May 17, 2014. Now that’s something to sing about.

Enrique told NBC Latino: “I was so honored to recently receive the awards from the Guinness Book of World Records. When I was a kid, I would follow Guinness Book and keep updated on all the new records that were being made. It feels so unreal to be included in the book with all those unbelievable feats.”

All this without the help of his papi… wait, who’s his dad again? #winkwink

Read more about Enrique Iglesias’ awards here.

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Marco Rubio Had No Chill When He Accused Trump Of Getting This Wet


Marco Rubio Had No Chill When He Accused Trump Of Getting This Wet

Credit: CNN / YouTube

Marco Rubio is having the best week of his entire campaign and it’s all thanks to him going HAM on Donald Trump.

Not only did the Florida senator cut the New York real estate mogul down to size during the last debate, Rubio went further and completely destroyed what was left of Trump during a rally in Dallas, Texas. It is savage in the most real of forms. The son of Cuban immigrants made fun of the frontrunner’s shoddy grammar, but the highlight was when he accused his opponent of straight up pissing his pants.

“Then he asked for a full-length mirror. I don’t know why since the podium comes up to here. [motions to it being chest level],” Rubio told the very receptive crowd. “But he wanted a full-length mirror. Maybe to make sure his pants weren’t wet. I don’t know!”

Damn, Marco. You really went there.

Maybe it’s that someone finally stood up to Trump and gave him a taste of his own medicine (schadenfreude at its best, y’all!), or maybe it’s the fact that Rubio finally grew a backbone, but we’re all about this new approach.

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