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Endangered Baby Dolphin Dies Because Tourists Wanted To Take Selfies With It…Seriously

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In this month’s WTF news, two endangered dolphins were PULLED out of the ocean by tourists at Santa Teresita beach in Buenos Aires, Argentina. One of the dolphins tragically died after a mob of people passed the poor little thing around for selfies… SELFIES! Chalk this up to one of the unforeseen perils of technology and social media.

It all started when a baby Franciscana dolphin came very close to shore near a beach resort in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Credit: Live Leak / World News / YouTube

Usually people are quick to get the dolphin back to open water — you know, to save its life — but these people had a different plan.

Credit: Live Leak / World News / YouTube

Bystanders picked it up from the water, brought it to shore and set it on the ground.

Credit: Live Leak / World News / YouTube

Why would you even take the dolphin out of the water?

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Then all hell broke loose as beachgoers crammed around the dolphin for selfies.

After they got their fill of photographs with the baby dolphin, it was abandoned on the beach and left to die.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 10.56.22 AM
Credit: @NigelBirtto / Twitter

“This terribly unfortunate event is an example of the casual cruelty people can inflict when they use animals for entertainment purposes, without thinking of the animal’s needs,” a spokeswoman for Australia’s World Animal Protection branch told ABC Australia. “At least one of these dolphins suffered a horrific, traumatic and utterly unnecessary death, for the sake of a few photographs.”

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People quickly took to Twitter to announce their outrage and condemn the people responsible for the dolphin’s death, kind of like this:

Credit: Futurama / FOX / London Grumblr

People lost faith in humanity after reading the news.

While others just attribute the sad scene to the evolution of the human psyche.

Some people just want to join a different species after seeing the harm caused by those humans.

And others seem to be losing hope in society all together.

Watch them pull the baby dolphin out of the water below… if you want to:

Credit: Live Leak / World News / YouTube

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Hillary Flip Flops On One Of The Most Important Latino Issues


Hillary Flip Flops On One Of The Most Important Latino Issues

Credit: Andrew Burton / Getty

It’s time for White House hopefuls to be straight with us, to have a solid standing on pressing issues…like immigration.

And with nine months to election day, Hillary Clinton — who still needs the Latino vote — is wavering on her position. For example, there was the time the former Senator said that all Central American children who were coming to this country fleeing gang violence should be deported to “send a message.”

“Just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean the child gets to stay,” she said — clearly, stating that they were not welcome and others should not try to make the trip.

Then, there was the time during her 2008 presidential campaign when she opposed granting driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants. She recently changed her mind and said she supported such effort.

This indecisiveness will not get her the Latino support she needs to win the bid, but there’s one thing she can do to sway Latinos, support the Fair Day in Court for Kids Act of 2016 introduced on Feb. 11 by Senator Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada. The act asks to guarantee due process to border refugees who are currently facing deportation. In essence, unaccompanied children, victims of abuse or torture and the disabled would get access to a lawyer and all the information necessary to understand the process.

Just sayin’ Hils…

Read more about Clinton and Sander’s stand on immigration from The New York Times here.

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