Ellen DeGeneres and Eva Longoria in an Epic Smackdown

Eva Longoria and I are starring in a new Telenovela. Please enjoy the world premiere of “Dos Amigas.”

Posted by Ellen DeGeneres on Friday, January 8, 2016


This is How Best Friends Throw Down

In Dos Amigas, Ana Antonia Concepcion and Carmelita Caro Consuela have found out about each other’s affairs and, in true telenovela style, they have an EPIC smackdown.

While dressed in a blond wig, Eva Longoria confronts her “amiga” Ellen DeGeneres — who’s massive-boob costume deserves it’s own show — about having an affair with her cousin’s husband’s best friend, or something like that. It doesn’t really matter.  All we care about are the jajaja-producing bitchslaps.

While we can catch Longoria in her new series Telenovela, we just really wish Dos Amigas was something we could actually tune into everyday.

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