This Guy From Mexico Tries To ‘Protect’ His Mother-In-Law From Kidnappers In The Most Trollish Way Possible

In this public service announcement, of sorts, El Pato says that he and his family live in constant fear.

He said the situation in Mexico is quite serious and that he’s always afraid that something terrible might happen to his mother-in-law. He goes on to say that he’s scared she might get kidnapped or robbed. But crazy Pato goes on to reveal every single detail about his dear old mother-in-law.

Here’s the transcript of this hilarious video:

“My mother-in-law lives alone,” El Pato says. “She lives on Cerdos Street, right there on 135 block in the downtown area. It’s a small pink house with white fence that can easily be opened with just a kick. And she has this jewelry box in her bedroom and a safe with lots of money in it. She always goes to bed around 4 or 6 in the evening, and well I am scared that something might happen to her. She can barely see at night, and she has no watchdog to protect her. I just hope that nothing happens to her.”

Way to protect your suegra, Pato.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas / NBC Universal

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