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El Padre de Cumbia Electronica

Tejano Dusty Oliveira loves all kinds of music, from EDM to Reggae to Hip Hop. But what he loves most is mixing Cumbia with these and other genres to revamp the classic Latino. It’s basically the perfect way to introduce new listeners to the music of his childhood, like Cumbia Kings and Selena

“Cumbia is basically my life,” says El Dusty as he proves that there’s a place for old traditions in this modern world.

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Kylie Pissed Off Latinos Again


Kylie Pissed Off Latinos Again

Credit: canadaloveselena / Tumblr / mitú

Kylie Jenner visited Universal Studios in Orlando and made an interesting wardrobe choice.

Credit: @kyliejenner / Instagram

She wore an ‘I miss you’ Selena Quintanilla shirt.

Credit: @kyliejenner / Instagram



Credit: @selenaquintanilla_daily / Instagram

Out of all the shirt she has in her 7658 sq ft closet, this is what she chose.

She must’ve been confused.


Credit: @lalaromero / Instagram

She can’t possibly miss Selena, she wasn’t even born yet.

People were so damn offended she’d rep anything Selena.


Credit: @asshhhleeyyy / Twitter

And ready to roll up their sleeves.

Credit: @erasershead / Twitter

Because… ?


Credit: @valeriedylan / Twitter

Selena Cuanta-knee-yah?

She has absolutely no right.


Credit: @hi_im_moyqui / Twitter


Wearing a Selena shirt isn’t a privilege she hasn’t earned.

Credit: @neztiny / Twitter

And there’s this rule that non-Latinos can’t wear Latino T-shirts.


Credit: @mamabear_v / Twitter

And all Kylie would do is ruin queen Selena’s image.

Credit: @shand__bby / Twitter

Or would she make her trend again?

Credit: @nalisaaa / Twitter

Other girls would probably be like who is this Selena chick?

Jokes aside, why is everyone so mad?


Credit: @trsitinc1 / Twitter

If anything, a million 13 years olds will fall in love with Selena like we did 🙂


Credit: @haikimberly / Twitter

Because queeeeeeeeen ?.

Credit: amusedbyyyou / Tumblr

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