Mexican President Agreed To Ship El Chapo Out After He ‘Embarrassed’ Mexican Government

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A judge has officially ruled that El Chapo can be extradited to the United States. And that has us feeling like…

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Recently, the drug lord was moved to a high-security prison in Ciudad Juarez, then a judge ruled on his extradition in favor of the U.S., which will happen mid-year.

Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán is about to be in a lot of trouble. He’s already wanted in Miami, Chicago, and New York for money laundering, drug trafficking, kidnapping, and murder.

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That’s quite a list for someone who’s been complaining about having a dirty and ugly cell. He’ll definitely have bigger problems to worry about.

This is happening after Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto agreed he should be taken to the states and after El Chapo “embarrassed the government” by escaping from prison through a tunnel.

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He was caught a second time.

El Chapo will stay in Mexico for weeks before he moves to the states.

Read more about his extradition here

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Everyone’s Fav ‘Undercover’ Mexican Quit The Internet So He Could Pay Attention To His Kids


Everyone’s Fav ‘Undercover’ Mexican Quit The Internet So He Could Pay Attention To His Kids

Credit: Team Coco / YouTube

“Lock me out of the Internet.”

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