El Chapo and Trump Are a Match Made In Meme Heaven

Notorious drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has escaped from a Mexican prison for a second time. The Sinaloa Cartel leader reportedly slipped out of prison through a secret tunnel that he accessed through a hole in his shower. According to Michael S. Vigil, a retired DEA chief, authorities “may never find him again.”

Without skipping a beat, the Internet had strong opinions about El Chapo’s escape.

Many speculated that El Chapo was a man on a mission:

A few people were excited to hear some new music:

Some were in awe of his ability to escape undetected:

Others questioned the official story:

Lots of people recalled a classic viral video:

Someone spotted El Chapo far away from Mexico:

And someone else had a suggestion in case he ever gets captured again:

Credit: @Ziweeee / Twitter

A few tried to recreate the scene:

And others wondered how the DEA was holding up:

And of course, someone couldn’t wait to see the TV version: