El Chapo Prison Footage Shows All You Need is an iPad and Toilet Paper

Wondering what went down in El Chapo’s prison cell before he escaped? Wonder no more. Mexico’s National Security Commissioner, Monte Alejandro Rubido, released footage that shows El Chapo’s last moments before he slipped away from a tunnel beneath his cell. Here’s a breakdown:

First, El Chapo looks like he’s taking care of business in the restroom.

Then takes a quick peek over at his shower.

Then El Chapo paces back and forth for a bit. Is he nervous or impatient?



This is probably what his Netflix looked like:

Shawshank Redemption? El Chapo’s rating: ?????

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Also, did he get to keep the shirt he was wearing when he was captured?

Looks familiar…

Anyway, back to the cell. After a few more paces, El Chapo heads back to the corner.

Once it’s time to go, El Chapo slips on his shoes.

Can we get a closer look at his kicks? Let’s ENHANCE:

Then El Chapo gets up, walks back to the corner…

Aaaaaand he’s gone. Como por arte de magia.

What other movies should El Chapo add to his Netflix cue? Let us know below!

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