El Chapo Didn’t Escape, But The Memes Were Still Funny AF

Somehow, El Chapo Guzmán keeps causing a stir even when he’s behind bars. Twitter recently blew up after “rumors” spread that El Chapo had escaped from prison for a third time. The rumors were likely sparked by an article from a fake ABC News site that’s clearly meant for fans of trolling, not journalism. But hey, people have realized that facts shouldn’t get in the way of a good joke, so thousands of people on Twitter sounded off on El Chapo’s “escape.” And admittedly, some of the jokes were pretty good.

There was speculation on how it all could’ve gone down…

Evidence of the escape was discovered…

Some people lamented living with strict parents…

And others found photos of El Chapo celebrating his escape.

This person lives by the phrase “Gotta Catch ‘Em All.”

This person was worried about El Chapo’s next move.

And this person recited one of El Chapo’s most moving quotes.*

*That’s not a real El Chapo quote.

Someone wondered if El Chapo was carrying one of these…

And others wondered what he’d look like on the ride home.

Several people wondered how Trump would react…

While others wished they could be just as elusive.

Some wanted to learn from the man himself…

And somehow, this dude turned the situation into an opportunity to help others build their confidence.

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