Dude Bathed In 1,250 Bottles Of Hot Sauce And Got What He Deserved

Who thought this was a good idea?!

CemreCandar is a YouTube personality who has a pretty successful gimmick, bathing in weird things. He has done Oreos, melted chocolate and beer, but it was the hot sauce bath that proved to really get people’s attention. The YouTuber’s bath included 1,250 bottles of hot sauce and hot chile peppers. (Don’t worry. CemreCandar says in his description that the hot sauces were nearing their expiration date.) Unsurprisingly, he was in a lot of pain after covering his body — and dunking his head — in a tub full of hot sauce. This is definitely something you should NOT try at home. This is probably the dumbest prank to ever hit the Internet, but that hasn’t stopped more than 2 million people from watching this man scream, cry and regret the life choices. He ends by realizing his horrible mistake and tells viewers that a trip to the doctor is pretty likely.

This is the exact moment he really knew he was in trouble.

Credit: CemreCandar / YouTube

Bueno, pero ¿quién te manda?

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