Drunk De La Hoya Mouths Off On Who Could Take Connor McGregor


We all have that one friend that gets a little too drunk and tries to start a fight. Last night Oscar De La Hoya was that guy.

As TMZ reporters interviewed the obviously tipsy boxing legend outside of a nightclub in Hollywood, De La Hoya didn’t mince words on who he thought would win in a fight between Conor McGregor and Canelo Alvarez. The former champ and founder of Golden Boy Promotions said, “I’ll tell you who’ll beat Conor McGregor’s ass. They call him Canelo Alvarez.” De La Hoya’s battle cry came just after McGregor, who has challenged Floyd Mayweather to a fight in the ring, obtained his boxing license in California. And while De La Hoya was drunk, he definitely has a point.

Even before McGregor got his boxing license, Alvarez was willing to school Mystic Mac.


“If [McGregor] wants to try out boxing,” Alvarez said in a recent interview, “then anytime he wants. If he wants to come over to this side of the world and try boxing, anytime he wants, to see that it’s not as easy as he thinks.” McGregor responded by claiming that the only reason Alvarez has an impressive record is because he cherry picks his opponents. There’s definitely been no love lost between the two fighters, and now that McGregor is licensed to box in California, it might be time to start placing your bets. But don’t get too excited, many out see McGregor’s boxing license as nothing more than a calculated low blow to the UFC for stripping him of his featherweight title.

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