The YouTuber Who Scares Millions Each Day Reveals What Makes Him Tick

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Relax, he’s chill. We promise.

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Dross (real name: Angel David Revilla) is the Latino YouTuber who has scares millions of people with creepy-ass videos about everything from urban legends to mysterious tales of murder. He’s got a knack for finding unsettling stories and then recounting the details with his distinctive voice. He’s a connoisseur of the macabre and he’s happy to share his findings with you.

So what makes a guy like Revilla tick? We talked to Dross and he let us into to his dark world. Here’s what we learned:

Dross is a hardcore fan of the Silent Hill video game series.

Credit: Konami

Dross is a hardcore gamer who counts games like Grand Theft Auto and Kingdom Hearts as his favorites. But the Silent Hill game series was a big inspiration.

Silent Hill has all the elements of a horror movie that keeps you up at night.

Credit: Konami

Psychological thrills, blood and guts, and memorable characters.

Credit: Konami

Yeah, that’s a bloody, bandaged nurse.

But there’s one creepy video game character that sticks in the mind of Dross. And it’s not from a horror game.

Kefka Palazzo from the role-playing game Final Fantasy VI. Who can forget a psychopathic villain who looks like a clown and has this super creepy laugh?

What game is Dross into these days? The game Bloodborne.

Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

In Bloodborne, you play a hunter who battles gnarly beasts in a town full of people with a strange blood-borne disease.

So, what led Dross on this sinister path? The Nightmare on Elm Street movie series.

Credit: New Line Cinema

But it wasn’t the first Freddy Kreuger movie that drew him in. Dross actually watched A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4: The Dream Master first. “It was love at first sight. Then it was my mission to see all the Freddy movies from the first one the last one. I wanted more.”

BTW, part four is the one where a girl turns into a cockroach.

Credit: New Line Cinema

Is that photo not enough? Here’s a video. Dross also says he misses how scary the horror films of the ’80s and ’90s were. “I think horror movies used to be far better in the ’80s then they are now. Far better. In fact, many horror movies are funny, which is tragic, because they film it not to be funny, but they are funny because they are so stupid. Most people think it is just superficial stuff, but CGI took a lot from the old feeling of the movies. Now we have HD cameras so it would be so expensive to make props and to make it look right. If you filmed Freddy Kruger with an HD camera, it would look so bad because [the imperfections] are so noticeable.”

Although he loves ’80s and ’90s horror, Dross said this girl creeped him the f*** out in 2002. Remember her?

Credit: DreamWork Pictures

That’s Samara from The Ring. 

And there’s also a recent movie that made his skin crawl: It Follows. There’s a good reason why.

Credit: Dimension Films

A story about a young girl who deals with strange happenings after a sexual encounter, It Follows has been praised for being a spot-on homage to ’80s movies. Dross approves.

So what music does Dross listen to? It’s gotta be Death Metal, right? NOPE. Classical.

Credit: Metropolis Movie Music / YouTube

“I’m a big fan of ’80s music. But I like rock songs. There are certain metal music and ballads I like. There’s even certain pop music I like but 95 percent of the time I listen to classical music. That’s the type of music I like because that inspires me. I like to be in my own world when I listen to music.”

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