Dreams Come True: You’ll Now Be Able To Text In Spanglish

Get the bottle of champagne ready because your days of “estás ready?” changing themselves to “estate ready?” are OVER.

Credit: HIMYM / CBS / allreactions / Tumblr

You no longer need to laboriously switch back and forth between languages every time you want to throw a “pinche” into your english text, either.

Yesterday at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC, some techy conference) keynote, Apple revealed just how much better Siri is going to be with the new iOS 10 update. In addition to the multilingual typing you can send secret messages with invisible ink, and sketch on photos and videos. So you’ll be able to add hearts, kisses or draw all over your friend’s face.

We’ll certainly like her more when we say “Siri, qué onda with the weather?” and she actually responds. The addition is called ‘multilingual’ typing and allows you to write in Spanglish, Frenglish, Germainglish and beyond. Oh, the possibilities!

Read more about the updates, here.

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