There’s A Lot Of Green, White And Red In Future And Drake’s New Video

“Mexicano, working like I’m Mexicano.”

It looks like Drake, hip hop’s favorite bandwagon jumper, has a new favorite team. Future just dropped his latest collab with Drizzy, “Used To This,” and the music video features LOTS of green, white and red. Throughout the video, Future and Drake wear Mexico soccer jerseys while a group of scantily-clad women kick soccer balls around. Sound familiar? Drake has done the “girls in tight clothes play sports” thing before.

So, what’s the deal with their newfound love for Mexican soccer? Are Future and Drake suddenly fans of Chicharito and company? Is this their (weird) way of bigging up Mexicans after all the trash Donald Trump has talked throughout the election? Maybe it’s not that deep. Maybe the jerseys were on sale at the Toronto indoor swap meet.

Look, maybe there’s no “message” to the video other than it being a nod to Future’s hook in “Used To This”:

Mexicano, working like I’m Mexicano

New persona, we’re moving on from Ferragamo

Get the llama, I party with the real Madonna

Beat the odds, do numbers and remain humble

Get it? Mexicans = hard workers.

So, whether you think it’s cool or lame, the video is definitely GIF fodder. Like this one:

I can already see you firing up your “when your homies grow up around a bunch of Mexicans” memes.

And this one, which is perfect for trolling U.S. soccer fans whenever the Mexican national team beats the Stars & Stripes.

So, uh, thanks for the GIFs, guys!

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