Donald Trump Supporters And Protesters Clashed In Anaheim And It Got Ugly

On Tuesday, an all-out brawl broke out moments before an Anaheim City Council was about to gather to discuss a motion to condemn Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric towards minorities. Seriously, Trump supporters and protesters both gathered in from of city hall before it even opened, and the confrontation got so heated that the cops and ambulance were immediately called in.

The Anaheim City Council was set to vote on a resolution denouncing Donald Trump’s divisive and hateful rhetoric.

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“The rhetoric and the language he’s using truly go against the grain of the city of Anaheim’s core values as a city of kindness and as a city that’s inclusive of our diverse community,” Councilwoman Kris Murray, who proposed condemning Trump’s words, told LA Times.

Before City Hall even opened, the emotions on both sides started to escalate very quickly.

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Politics is known for bringing out the best, worst and most emotional of people and that’s cool. After all, you’re arguing over your beliefs as a human being.

Soon, things started to get physical.

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Because knocking someone’s hat off and running like a coward is really what the political system is all about, right?

And then, out of nowhere, ALL HELL broke loose and sh*t got real.

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According to several reports and video taken at the scene, people on both sides of the argument resorted to using pepper spray. One  Trump supporter even used her taser during the confrontation.

The worst was when a Trump protester carelessly unloaded pepper spray into the opposition.

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Two young girls and their grandmother were the victims.

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You read that right. It doesn’t matter what side of the argument you are on, injuring or putting young children in harms way is NEVER acceptable.

It got so bad in front of Anaheim City Hall that the ambulance had to be called.

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All told, five people were hit with pepper spray.

Credit: CBS Los Angeles / YouTube

“He sprayed me in the face and then, at the same time I was backing away, he sprayed that little girl at the same time,” Raul Rodriguez, pictured above, told ABC 7 News. “I know what he looks like; we got a picture of him and we’re going to prosecute him. We’re going to file charges against him for assault and battery. Not only on me but on that little girl.”

It took the presence of Anaheim police with riot gear to calm the crowd down.

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The city council eventually did vote on the controversial motion, but it didn’t pass.

“We’ve taken positions on legislation, but never on a candidate,” Mayor Tom Tait told LA Times. “Certainly, privately, any council member or I could, but as an official government action — it’s not appropriate.”

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