Donald Trump Kissed a Latina During an Event and then Things Got Creepy

So, a weird thing happened during a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas.

Trump was speaking when he pointed at someone in the audience…

The he walked over and plucked a woman from the crowd…

When they arrived to the podium, Trump asked her: “Where are you from?”

She replied: “I am from Colombia!”

Then Trump, trying to prove it wasn’t a set-up, asked, “Is this a set-up? Have I ever met you before?” The woman replied:

Trump, apparently satisfied with her answer, kissed the woman.

Then he started grabbing the woman’s waist with a creepy smile on his face. WTF?! What is he doing?

Then he lifted her arms in celebration like she was a newborn.

And then, Trump was like “WE’RE DONE, THNX. BYE.”

Watch the full video:

WATCH: Donald J. Trump pulls very excited fan to the stage during Las Vegas rally. “I’m Hispanic and I’m voting for Mr. Trump!”

Posted by ABC News Politics on Thursday, October 8, 2015

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