Donald Trump Is Visiting Enrique Peña Nieto And People Just Don’t Get Why

Donald Trump took a trip down to Mexico to meet with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto and the world was, well, confused, humored and/or pissed by the surprise meeting. Peña Nieto’s approval rating is already abysmally low at just about 23 percent. Not to mention that Trump isn’t the most liked personality in Mexican communities unless he is in the form of a piñata. People were expecting something explosive. Neither delivered.

People are still trying to figure out why Enrique Peña Nieto invited Donald Trump for a meeting.

“He is not welcome to Mexico,” former Mexican president Vicente Fox told CNN. “We don’t want him. We reject his visit.”

And rejecting his visit is exactly what the Mexican people are doing.

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But, like, what if Americans don’t want him to ever come home? Can’t you just feed him and look after him for a while? Kthxbye!

#TrumpNoEresBienvenido was trending on Twitter earlier.

Though, he probably doesn’t understand what the hashtag is saying.

Some people questioned Trump’s reason for accepting the invitation.

“@realDonaldTrump you are not welcome in Mexico,” the president of the Mexican Congress Miguel Barbosa tweeted. “Get out! You’re coming to get your picture taken with the very people you’ve offended.”

While others took the time to make fun of both Trump and Peña Nieto.

And some even pointed out that Trump and Peña Nieto are desperate for any kind of bump in popularity.

Though, it seems like the blind leading the blind at this point.

There have been a few clever plays on previous Trump scandals.

And one Twitter user is offering a history lesson on how different world leaders have been welcomed to Mexico.

Damn. It is pretty telling that a country with such fanfare for foreign leaders is appalled by the visit of a potential U.S. president.

In the end, the Trump-Peña Nieto meeting did not end with a bang, but with a whimper. Trump said that they didn’t discuss the one thing on everyone’s mind: Who was going to pay for the wall?

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This, of course, wasn’t lost on the Internet, who checked the receipts.

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Which appears to be a lie (very #onbrand for Trump). After their meeting, Peña Nieto tweeted out that he made it very clear in this discussions that he said Mexico wasn’t paying for s**t.

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In the end, the meeting wasn’t a political Wrestlemania or a showdown. It was a photo opportunity for two despised men. Unfortunately, one of them ended up looking good in it.

Credit: @JorgeRamosNews/Twitter

Credit: @JorgeRamosNews/Twitter

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