Donald Trump to Black Voters: “They’re Taking Our Jerbs!!!”

Credit: Fox 10 Phoenix/YouTube

Trump is reaching out for the black vote by talking to white people about how bad Latinos are.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump’s multiple-car wreck of a campaign stopped in West End, Wisc., an overwhelmingly white town about an hour outside of Milwaukee, to reach make his case to black voters. We kid you not. And because this is Donald Trump we’re talking about, his argument pretty much boiled down to the following:

No community in this country has been hurt more by Hillary Clinton’s immigration and all of her policies than the African-American community and she considers them a guaranteed vote. Now she’s proposing to print work permits for millions of illegal immigrants to come in and take everybody’s job, including low-income African-Americans. Not Right.

Donald Trump has pretty much devolved further into being a caricature. It’s as if he’s stealing his lines from “South Park.”

Credit: South Park Studios/Comedy Central/GIFiric

On the bright side, at least this happened, so maybe the world isn’t all bad.

Credit: @aravosis/Twitter

Also, for all his talking, no group dislikes Donald Trump more than black voters (even more so than Latinos, surprisingly and disappointingly). According to FiveThirtyEight, only 2 percent of black voters have a favorable view of Trump.


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