Finally! Someone Calls Trump Out, Sort of

“Donald Trump is a bigot and a racist,” says Dana Milbank from the Washington Post. It’s really what we’ve all been thinking, but few openly say it, especially to the media.

Unlike many of us with fully functioning inhibition transmitters, Trump usually says what comes to mind. He’s been at it for quite some time, calling President Obama a Muslim and not an American by birth, insulting women with vulgar epithets, describing Mexicans as rapists, and mocking Asians and the disabled. The list goes on and on and will continue to grow as long as he is the Republican front-runner in the presidential race.

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Which brings us to the following: how the f*ck  is he the front-runner for president of the United States? The majority of his supporters are “white, less-educated and middle-aged or older, but not necessarily bigots and racists like him,” Milbank continues. They support him because their anxiety over the changing American economy is growing and he’s their venting vehicle. The good news is “thirty-two percent of Republicans supported Trump in the latest Post poll, which means 86 percent of the overall American electorate hasn’t embraced him,” Milbank notes.

Let’s keep it that way.

Get more details on Trump’s racist and bigoted tirades here.

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