Donald Trump Flip-Flopped On Immigration And Got Called Out For It


Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump if his comments on immigration were “just playing to people’s fantasies.”

When Donald Trump kicked off his Presidential bid in June 2015, he chose to run on a very tough and unforgiving anti-immigration platform. At the 11th GOP Presidential Debate, a well-coordinated ambush set up by Fox News forced the reality television star to address the fact that what he’s says, doesn’t match up with what he’s done in the past.

According to Buzzfeed, Trump told the New York Times that he wasn’t really serious about deporting more than 11 million people. We legit believe he said this, not because he’s had a change of heart, but because it would be a logistical nightmare to pull off. Also, Trump is smart enough to realize that he’ll win over the anti-immigrant/xenophobic vote simply by saying he’s going to do something about it.

We’d never thought we’d see the day where we’d be on Fox News’ side, but, then again, politics does make strange bedfellows. At the end of the day, Trump needs to be stopped by any means necessary, even if that means siding with someone who has a history of saying f*cked up shit about minorities.

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Pitbull Quotes So Romantic You Can Use Them For Vows


Pitbull Quotes So Romantic You Can Use Them For Vows

Credit: @pitbull / Instagram

When you hear a Pitbull song, your first thought probably isn’t ‘how romantic!’ But hidden amongst the talk of strippers, ballin’, billions and cribs are some pretty tender lyrics…

Ella es mi reina, ella es mi todo / Yo doy la vida por ella

Credit: nitratediva / Tumblr

Song: “Amarosa”

Anyone who calls you reina automatically has you like… ?

This wild, wild love of ours it can’t be tamed no / For better or worse a blessing or a curse


Credit: Beauty and the Beast / Disney chanel60 / Tumblr

Song: “Wild Wild Love”

Practically the Shakespeare of our times… If he were Latino and a former drug dealer.

No hay nadie que se mueva como ella / La gente me dice que hasta un ciego puede verla

Credit: bvrnyt / Tumblr

Song: “Baddest Girl In Town”

Sounds like something you’d find in a romantic Hallmark card, but no, it’s straight from Mr. 305’s heart.

Girl, you should know that I’ve got you on my mind, your secret admirer / Girl, I’ve been watchin’ you

Credit: stilldreamingofyou / Tumblr

Song: “Secret Admirer”

Low-key stalkerish, low-key I want to marry you.

She’s outrageous and with that thang she got, she contagious

Credit: nitratediva / Tumblr

Song: “Hey You Girl”

Assuming ‘that thing she got’ is a heart of gold and not an STD.

Let’s fulfill fantasies and live our dreams / I promise, baby, I aim to please

Credit: American Music Awards / ABC / swagonsel / Tumblr

Song: “Secret Admirer”

He’s the kind of guy that would fulfill your fantasy like… bring you tacos at 3 a.m. and not forget the green salsa.

You need it, you want it all over your body / This loving I’m giving it’s worth more than money


Credit: gameraboy / Tumblr

Song: “Wild Wild Love”

The good thing is with Pitbull you don’t have to choose. He has the loving and all the money.

Love it when you lick your lips, love your smile / Love it when you let your hair down, that drives me wild

Credit: Modern Family / CityTv / SofiaVergara / Tumblr

Song: “Secret Admirer”

Awwwww stop it… But keep going some more.

Love to get wild dirty freaky nasty, yeah I said it / I’ll make you lose your heart and your mind at the same time

Credit: OITNB / Netflix / HouseOfDawn / Tumblr

Song: “Wild Wild Love”

Sign me up for 50 shades of Pitbull ??.

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