Here’s a Donald Trump Corrido Mexicans Can Drink To

“Normalmente los corridos a personas… no a cabrones insolentes como ese mentado Donald.”

Time to give Chente and Ramón Ayala a rest now that Los Tres Tristes Tigres have your new go-to jam when you need to let out some aggression… And after Donald Trump’s pendejadas, there’s a lot of that. On accordion, bass and acoustic guitars, Los Tres Tristes Tigres get real about everything that idiota said at the launch of his presidential campaign – and how much his remarks are costing him. So grab your favorite tequila y a pistearle.

The Internet Tears Apart Trump Like a Cheap Piñata


The Internet Tears Apart Trump Like a Cheap Piñata

Donald Trump Piñata GIF

After the backlash from calling Mexicans rapists and criminals, Donald Trump shows no signs of backing down. Guess what? Neither are Mexicans. They – along with others offended by Trump’s anti-immigrant remarks –have fired some hilarious shots on social media at the sour-faced billionaire.

Remember those immigrants you bashed? Some of them prepare the food you eat.



Shoulda listened to Rob Schneider.


Credit: @RobSchneider / Instagram

Because this is what Mexicans will do:


Credit: @TheMexicanPosts / Instagram

Even at a Mexico soccer game, Trump isn’t safe from criticism:

Photo Credit: @txr_image / Instagram

Don’t speak Español? Here you go:


Photo Credit: @palomizz14 / Instagram

Even respected Mexican journalists are joining in on the fun:

Yeah, that’s from the Twitter of TV news anchor Joaquín López-Dóriga (of “Juay De Rito” fame).

Some have a few theories about the source of Trump’s anger…


Others have traveled to Trump’s homebase to make a statement:

Photo Credit: @hermanontiveros / Instagram

But it’s not just Mexicans:


Photo Credit: @styles_the_yardie / Instagram

Some have pointed out that Mexicans are hardworking people:


Others have revived an old George Lopez catchphrase:

And lots of people are just sitting back and taking it all in:

Credit: @mommyinsomnia / Instagram

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